Monday, 17 December 2012

Snowflake Nails!

Hello All,

Just a short post to show you a new nail design. As mentioned before I am usually very bad at painting my nails because I don't have a steady hand. This pattern looks complicated but I must say it was the easiest I have done yet!
Here is how I did it:
1. Paint your nails a dark blue colour - I did two coats of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in "Thinking of Blue"
2. For the snow bank effect I used a makeup sponge dipped in some white nail polish - Sally Hansen "Whirlwind White".  Just start at the top of the nail and dab with the sponge, then slowly move up a bit but don't dab as much so it looks like its fading.
3. I used a Sally Hansen nail art pen in white for the polka dot snowflakes, and the hand drawn flake. You need a steady for that part!
4. I then used a sparkle top coat for the shimmery snow effect - Essence "Space Queen".
5. Covered it all in a clear coat plus because nail pen chips off very easily.
And that is all. Give it a try :)



  1. Replies
    1. Your nails look fabulous, girl! And I love your blog page:) Keep the good words coming! (((hugs))) !!

    2. Thanks Mom - I had a feeling you would :)

      Jeri - Thanks, I also just redid the blog layout, glad you like it :)

  2. I love your nails... I can't try it though cuz my nails are very soft and break easily plus I have psoriasis under some of them... was thinking for dots you could use the end of a toothpick dipped in polish as well.... maybe you can start doing people's nails on your days off for extra cash... LOL

    1. The end of the toothpick is a great idea, I just don't have any tooth picks :(
      LOL I don't think I am that good yet , but maybe one day ;)