Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mini Closet Makeover

I am going to apologise in advance for any spelling or grammar errors, or if I don't make any sense. I woke up this morning with the start of something terrible. My throat is sore, my nose is stuffed and my sinus' are killing me, including my head. After this, I am taking some medication and taking a nap.
The other day when me and Anthony were trying to clean up and organise all our Christmas gifts we realised that we just don't have enough room!  We both went through our dressers and the closet to get rid of some items that we haven't worn in a long time. We successfully created a decent sized pile. I love doing that, it clears out my closet of clutter, leaves me room for more, and donates some clothing. I took a long look at my walk in closet and decided it was a complete mess. So we went out for some boxing day sale opportunities. I picked up a shoe organiser, and we both got new dressers.
This is my shoe/boot collection all jumbled at the bottom of the closet.
 The top shelf of the closet rack is over stuffed and not organised at all. Also, you can see that there is a lot of items hanging there its overstuffed as well.
 This is the new shoe rack I got to help keep things off the floor and more organised!
And a final picture showing the cleared and organised shelf top. Also decreased the number of items hanging in the closet greatly by buying a second small dresser!  Now to see how long this lasts.


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  1. Good job!! LOL...can't wait to see what you've set aside to donate to your mother's closet :)