Friday, 31 May 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap # 3

Welcome to another weekly Instagram recap! Lets get right to it.

1. Mae West Helping Me Unpack Clothes
2. First Dinner on The Patio
3. Smirnoff Rockets
4. New OPI Color You're Such A Budapest
5. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, and Cucumber Salad
6. Sharpies!
7. Thousands of Craft Papers at Michaels - My New Fav Store

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap # 2

I am a bit of a slacker on posting these, or any blog entry lately. I have been a bit busy to say the least so I am playing catch up. Here is the recap from week 2 (May 6-13). Enjoy!

1. New Aztec dress that I bought while visiting a friend out of town
2. New color block cardigan purchased from Sears while shopping with Anthony's mother. 50% off!
3. Outfit shot from the wedding. Not a very good quality image.
4. New Liquid Sand Style Nail Polish
5. 3 New Polishes This Month. What Wizardry Is This, You're Such a Budapest, and West Side Warrior
6. Outfit Of The Day
7. My Delicious Home Made Stir Fry


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Plan B Week 4

This weeks box included:
Bok Choi
Grape Tomatoes

I am very happy that we got broccoli again, I love it. Also onions are great to have, we use them a lot in cooking as well. I just tried asparagus for the first time on the weekend and enjoyed it so we will be able to use those up :)


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Plan B Week 3

Good Evening! 

Its Tuesday afternoon and that means a new organic share. I am always so excited to see what we will get each week.

This weeks share includes:
Bok Choy

It took my a while to figure out what the bok choy was, it was a mystery green. Then I remembered my parents making baby bok choy and thought it looked similar. Google confirmed, it is bok choy. We are happy to get mushrooms this time, Anthony loves cooking with them.  


Weekly Instagram Recap

This week I am going to start a new feature on my blog. I have seen this sort of thing popping up on blogs all over the place and I really like the idea. Especially for my readers who do not use Instragram, you can see my photos and memories that I do not post on here :) So enjoy my first ever...

Weekly Instagram Recap

1. Three new OPI shades. Glitzerland,, Can't Find My Czech Book
2. Cotton Candy ice cream with Chocolate Chips from Marble Slab.
3. My beautifully crafted nachos
4. Coco enjoying the hard life
5. Apple Crumble Cheesecake from Pizza Pizza
6. New iphone background, and new customizable app icons

Some Good Food!

Happy Tuesday! 

I have had this blog on draft for about 2 weeks now. Two different recipes I have made recently. I was debating with myself if I wanted to post or not - so here goes!

Hot & Spicy Homemade Chili

1 can tomato sauce
1 can dark red kidney beans
1 lb lean ground beef
1 packet of chilli seasoning, hot and spicy
1/4 onion chopped
Shredded cheese

I made my chilli in the crockpot. So I just added all ingredients to the pot and cooked on high for about 3-4 hours. I added some cheese on the top at the end as well for extra cheese flavour. How do you make your chilli?

Simple "Kitchen Sink" Salad
We basically threw this salad together with whatever we had left in the fridge. We had a lot of lettuce and spinach that we needed to use up fast. Our salad had carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach and cheese. I topped my plate with light italian dressing. So good. I don't usually make salads at home since we never carry a large amount of veggies but ever since we started the Farm Shares we have plenty. You can put whatever you want in your kitchen sink salad, there are no rules.


Dress Code of April/May

Good Morning!

I have been meaning to get to this for a long time so the clothes just sort of started adding up. I hope I remembered them all. These are all the items I've purchased in the past few weeks.

$39.80 - "Tapestry Yoke Denim Jacket" From Forever21. Probably my most favourite item purchased recently is this super cute jean jacket. Jean jackets are on trend right now and I had a hard time getting on board, until I saw this gem! The floral pattern makes it so girly and less manly. I want to wear this all the time with ever sun dress I own.

$24.90 - "Floral Print Peplum Top" from GoJane. Peplum style tops are also on trend this season and they are just too cute. My collection is getting bigger! 

$14.70 - "Purple Tank Maxi Dress" from GoJane
$29.80 - "Distressed Bejewelled Denim Vest" from Forever21
Close up view of the vest so you can sort of see the coloured jewel embellishments on the pockets. I also want to wear this with all my summer dresses. I am happy to know that I will be covered for summer outerwear.

$29.90 - "Dove Print Shirt Dress" from Forever21. I realized last minute that I was missing this item and I didn't want to leave it out so I took the stock photo from the website. How adorable is this? I love cute sun dresses.

$28.00 - Going along with my maxi skirt/dress obsession this summer is this super adorable maxi skirt from GoJane. I love that the stripes are going diagonal instead of horizontal.

$12 - This is actually a great Walmart find! These bustier crop tops are popping up all over the place and I have been meaning to get one to wear on the beach with high waisted shorts, or a maxi skirt. I love the colour pattern on this one. The pale yellow and green are so cute for summer.

$23.00 - I picked up this dress last night at Sirens when shopping with a friend. I love the tribal print band and the material is so flowy. Its hard to tell in the picture but the white parts are actually made with pale pastels colours of fine string but it looks white from away. I thought that was a really cool detail.
$34.95 - And last, couldn't be complete without at least one pair of shoes being purchased. I got these "Spiked Faux Leather Boots" from GoJane. I have had them in my cart for months now and finally decided to get them as boot season is quickly passing and I know they won't be around for long. I got them on sale for about $8 off the original price. The brown shade gives them sort of a riding boot style, but the buckles and spikes(hard to see in picture, but they line the strap around the back of the shoe) give them more of an edgy feel so they are pretty diverse. I wore them once so far on a mild gloomy day and they were pretty comfortable. 

I also purchased this bathing suit, I can't remember if I blogged this yet or not, but I don't have an image for it, so ill just link you if you want to check it out.

Hope you enjoyed! 


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Afternoon Date

Yesterday me and Anthony went out for lunch at Boston Pizza. They had a couple new items on their menu that we wanted to try out. The first was :

The Spicy Pirogi Burger
This burger tasted awesome! Especially when you got a good bite of potato, sour creme, onion and bacon. It was a bit spicy though as they used their cactus chip dip as a sauce but we like spicy. To die for! I know I'll be ordering this one again some time.  

The Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza Burger
Doesn't this one look awesome? Basically, its a burger patty with cheese, pepperoni, and pizza sauce, all wrapped together and deep fried with a pizza crust. It was so good! Like a panzerotti but more classy.

The S'mores Pizza
Lately, I have been craving all things s'mores. I could not resist this. Anthony was very sceptical when I ordered it but once he tried it he loved it too. It was so good and warm. The base is pizza crust with sugar coating, melting chocolate, small graham cracker bits, and marsh mellows. Topped with whip cream, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. I want another one!

I thought I would include a little bit about my outfit because its one I've never worn before. I love creating new combinations I've never worn yet! 
Especially when it involves my mint green skinny jeans! Not a whole lot can match a bold color so its always great when you find a good top to match. I love mint green for spring. I have been waiting all winter to wear these.
Here is a close up shot of the shirt, still sort of hard to see details, but its a button up with two pockets on the breasts and a little tie at the bottom where the buttons end. The shirt is sort of a crop top it ends at my belly button so I just wore a matching blue tank underneath. In the summer I might get away with wearing this with a bandeau under neath and a maxi skirt.


Plan B Week 2

Good Evening!

We got this week's Plan B Box, inside we got:
Cucumber (1)
Swiss Chard
Grape Tomato
Sweet Potatoes (3)
Carrots (3)
Avocado (1)

As you may have noticed, we received a lot more than 10 items this week. I am assuming its because we got small shares of certain items, so they added a couple more.  For example, 1 avocado, so they gave us 3 sweet potatoes. I am not going to argue on that one! We got a lot of garden greens this week so we are going to need to make a lot of salads so they don't go bad. And I have never had an avocado before, or Swiss chard. Any suggestions?