Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Fuuny thing, last night at work I was thinking we would either have chicken for supper or Anthony would tell me he wanted to go. At 6 Anthony and Dylan came and picked me and annouced that we were going out to eat to watch the hockey game. Weird how that happened. Anyways, we ended up going to Kelseys. I'm not really one for sports but I always enjoy the beer and wings that come along. So below is a picture of our combined meals. We all just pitched and got some appitizers. 

So we got fully loaded nachos, lemon spice calamari with sweet and spicy thai sauce, and some jack daniels BBQ wings. I was never really one for sea food, but about a month ago anthony got garlic shrimp and calamari at a restaurant and made me try it. Now I love calamari, as long as they are the small pieces. The tentacles creep me out, but I dont eat those pieces. The wings are Kelseys are just great, they have the best batter. Not to mention the sauce is so good. Of couse the boy got a pitcher of beer to split, so I decided to get myself a strawberry darquri.
We left in the second period of the game so I have no idea who won. Didn't look good for Toronto when we left though!


Monday, 27 February 2012

New Couch

In April me and Anthony are moving out of our shared student house to our own apartment.Only 32 days left, so excited. Today was a great day because we finally landed an awesome couch. I have been searching for weeks for a nice black leather couch preferably on the square side. Needed to be pretty cheap too like under 300. Last night we found it. Paid $200 for this one. and its perfect. Its black, its leather, its modern, its sleek and its comfortable!
We even checked it out to make sure we could both fit laying down for optimal cuddle time with movies. We moved it into the shared living room for now and it was super light. Great for moving into an apartment. Now we just need to make sure nothing happens it to between now and April. I'm so happy we got the couch already, its like the one main thing we really needed. Now we are trying to figure out what to do with our dining room space. We don't really need a big table and chances are we wont even sit at it, so we thought about maybe buying a mini bar or something. Either that or a high table with high chairs, for about 3 people.

Last night after we got the couch, I made some dinner. Usually I'm not the one who cooks.  I made this for myself, Anthony ans a roommate dylan. Its a chicken Alfredo pasta with vegetables. Broccoli, carrots and peas. Its been so long since I had peas! This meal was sooo good, I could eat this all the time. And super quick too, took about 20 minutes because I had to defrost everything but if you start from fresh, it only takes about 11 minutes to make.


Friday, 24 February 2012


Not a lot has been going on lately. Been a pretty boring week for the most part. I can say I am glad its over and Ive got a weekend of relaxing ahead of me. Had a rough day at work today, just want to go home and cuddle. Last night our landlord came over to show our rooms to a couple of students who are looking to move in. That made me excited, it means our moving date is fast approaching....36 days. Also, while our landlord was here she evicted one of our roommates, he lasted a whole week? maybe two. I never really saw much of him, I tried to pretend I didn't exist. But I heard some bad things from the people who live in the basement with him. Glad he is gone now. So since nothing eventful happened I will leave you with a guessing game picture. Below is a picture of an xray case from work. Any guess to whats going on here?

 This is a lower abdomen shot, with the pelvis. Shows lower spine, leading to the tail at the top and two hind legs towards the bottom just in case you couldn't figure that out. Head would be to the left of the screen. This is a male dog. Speaking of work...our street is going under construction from now until July, its really going to mess things up. Its only first week into construction and look !
Our entrance is being completely blocked by some construction truck of sorts. Not to mention all the bulldozers? crowding the street. Notice how sadly empty my parking lot is. Sigh.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beach Blvd

Yesterday was full of pictures. Anthony took me out to lunch at one of our favourite places in Burlington called Emma's Back Porch. It is very cottage style, good traditional food. Its about a 25 minute drive for us down the highway. It sits right on the shore of lake ontario. No matter what window you look out of all you can see is water. Its quite beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't have my good camera in the restaurant with me so the photos that follow are from my cell phone so they will be bad quality.

The sign on the outside of the building

My meal. Sloan BLT. Which is like a BLT but with a chicken breast, some cheese and mayo.

Anthonys meal. Can't remember what its called now , but some sort of burger that comes with onion rings inside.

An example of the view. This photo doesn't do it justice !

After dinner we went driving through the main street of Burlington looking at all the cute boutique shops along the way. Snapped a few pictures and headed back to Hamilton. We drove home through town instead of taking the linc highway. Saw some great looking houses so took some photos to share. Luckily I had my good camera this time.

The two pictures below are some houses that don't belong up north. They look like they belong on the beach. Funny enough, we were on beach blvd. Right across the road is the harbour, but there's no beaches and the water isn't very safe. Its more of an industrial harbour for the steel plant. Neat how they still played up the beach house designs though.

Next house is just insane. The colors were so bright and interesting. The bright orange brick with bright yellow trim and door. And those barn-esque doors with the wreaths is actually the garage door. So cool! Not to mention the sheer size of the place. If I had to live downtown, this would be the house.


Monday, 20 February 2012


So yesterday we did a mass house cleaning incuding the fridge and freezer. We came across a deer roast that Anthony's mother gave us a long time ago, so we decided to make a roast. I was a little skeptical at first because we only have a slow cooker and have never tried this before. It ended up being amazing. Tasted just like the homemade roasts my mom makes.  We even made a homemade gravy !

Also while cleaning we got together all our empties. Made $19 off them, pretty good I would say considering I probably only contributed $10 to the entire pile. Most of these are from Anthony or our company. He let me keep the money because I spent $100 on decor for our new bathroom.

After dinner Anthony took me on a ride and told me while driving I had to make a split second decision: Left or Right. I chose left. Turns out my decision was the moderator of our dessert for that night. We ended up buying a mini shadow cake. The other option would have been DQ. Was very satisfied with my choice.


Sunday, 19 February 2012


This past weekend was the OAVT Conference. (Ontario Association for Veterinary Technicians) Its basically a day of learning.  To keep my registered status I need to obtain 20 CE credits which I get from going to conferences. These conferences are just back to back lectures on various topics relating to the field. Plus lots of free food and merchandise. There better be free stuff, these things cost a fortune! I went to a bunch of lectures. My favourite of the day was probably Canine Compulsive Disorders. I actually like going to these things, its like light weight learning. Anyways, It was in Toronto at the Doubletree by Hilton. Hugest hotel I've ever been in.

That picture is just the hotel room part, to the right is a connected building at ground level that has about 20 conference rooms. The real challenge was finding out where I was supposed to be. On the plus side, I got a bunch of free things. And awesome meals were provided. I wish I could tell you what they are but I didnt really know what I was eating, I just know that it was great. No pictures of the meals though sadly :( But they had this amazing cheesecake, and unlimited CANNED pop...I hate softdrink pop. Heres a picture of me with some free things

Free Tshirt from Hills promoting their new Thyroid food YD. Of course I got to the tshirt booth late and they only had XL left but hey, nightgown! I also got a free textbook from Hills. A quick consult guide. LOVE free textbooks because they are expensive and full of knowledge. In my other hand im holding tons of little freebees. Got about 10 pens from different sponsors. Some Benny Bullys dog treats for the pups, A "lickastick" lollipop style treat for dogs - kind of disgusting. And a bone that holds poopscoop bags - love this one because you attach it to the dogs leash, so handy. Also, not pictured here is two tote bags that I plan to use for grocerys and a very mini ketchup bottle curtesy of my friend Tori's hotel room. I took one picture at the tadefair because it blew me away. Its this cat litter that doesn't absorb urine. I mean, we use this stuff called nosorb at work and its like little beads, but cats don't really like it. They can tell its not litter. So some genius discovered how to make litter not absorb urine so we vet people can steal it away. Its called kit4kat.

Look at that, the water is just sitting on top like no big deal. I even vigorously mixed it and it always comes back. TOO COOL. Ill have to order some of this when I go back to work. All in all it was a pretty fun weekend !

Friday, 17 February 2012

Pizza & Polish

A couple of nights ago we made homemade pizza for dinner. Anthony, myself and one of our roommates Dylan all made our own unique pizzas. Anthony even made the dough from scratch - what a mess! I made mine to mimic my favourite pizza of all time. I used to eat it almost every week at my job at Toppers from when I was in highschool. Now that we live out here we never get Toppers anymore so its been a while since I've had it.
It basically looks like 90% cheese. In reality its much more. Its made after the "Chicken Ceasar" pizza. The sauce is a combination of traditional pizza sauce and ceasar sauce mixed together. Next comes chicken bites that are tossed in the ceasar dressing. Then you add some mushroom and bacon bites, then load on the cheese. After I cook it I sprinkle on some parmasean cheese. And Perfecto !

On another note, I have a new found nail polish obsession. During college years we weren't allowed to wear any nail polish as it was unsanitary for surgery. My teachers all told us that we wouldn't be allowed to wear it practice either so we might as well get used to it. That includes fake nails too. Well during my last placement the head tech had huge fake nails, different ones every time I saw her. Then after getting my job I noticed that a few vets even had fake nails, and other techs and receptionist had theirs nails painted too. So I gave up on clean nails and now I just want to build my nail polish collection. I bought a new one today. I had originally wanted to get it for Valentines Day but couldn't find it before then. I went out today and found one bottle !

After I paid for it I noticed it was from the Justin Bieber collection. Its called "Step to the Beat of my ♥ " And if your familiar with him you will know those are lyrics to one of his songs. It seems a bit odd to me that he has a nail polish line, but I can't complain because I already own two of his colors that I LOVE.


Happy Valentines Day

Im a little bit late on the posting for Valentines Day, but I have been pretty busy. Me and Anthony went out to dinner on Valentines day - just a little date, no gifts involved because we are trying to save money for our new place. We went to a restaurant called Turtle Jacks. It was delicious and cheap :) Anthony got a steak sandwhich with loaded fries, and I got a big wing honey garlic sandwhich with a salad. After dinner we came home and watched movie ( I fell asleep on the couch). Lots of food makes me tired. This is what I wore. I used my computer webcam, the flash settings are default, a bit difficult to see clearly.

White button-up blouse tucked into black dress pants. Nude mary jane pumps, and a pearl chain combo necklace. A giant heart ring for occasion.


Monday, 13 February 2012

Spring Dresses

Up until three days ago I thought it was Spring. The weather got really warm for the beginning of February. Didn't need to wear a jacket while running from the car to the house and drove with the windows down. Not to mention the feel of heat from the sun beams blasting at my bedside window. It hadn't snowed since before Christmas I swear. Then all of a sudden it got really cold and snowed a whole bunch now we are all buried and its freezing outside. Its IMPOSSIBLE to look fashionable in the winter here. There is no practical way to stay warm. You have no choice but to wear your huge snow jacket that belongs on the slopes. So this is why I am going to post my top 5 must have dresses for this coming spring. 


p.s today I learned you are never too old for a midday nap.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Underwater Dogs

I came across this great animal photographer yesterday. Well, this photoshoot to be exact, I couldn't locate any of this other works that looked quite as spectacular. This is something I wish I could do with my own pets, they would make the most interesting blown up images to put around my apartment. Unfortunately I do not have an underwater camera, and I imagine they are expensive so that won't be happening. Anyways, check it out. Link to the facebook album is below. He has an actual site but it doens't seem to be working right now so hopefully this link works.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Deep Fried Cheesecake

Tonight we tried something new. Well, Anthony tried and I tasted. We made deep fried cheesecake. It was pretty simple and very quick considering we store bought the cheesecake. All we had to do was wrap little pieces in a pita wrap, stick it together with some toothpicks and deep fry for about 10 seconds on each side. Added some whip cream and strawberries (my part) and voila !
And it was delicious. Obviously not as amazing-looking as the ones you get at restaurants but we tried!However, I bet it tasted just as good. We used a New york style cherry swirl cheesecake.

Before all this we had a bad dinner too! So much for weight loss. Weebought some premade "hors d'ourves" from walmart. I bought some apple wood smoked bacon and cheddar tarts, and Anthony got a shrimp platter with some jalapeno poppers. While we were out I remembered that Twilight just came out on dvd today and picked that up. Dinner and movie :)


Friday, 10 February 2012


I've been debating starting my own blog for at least a month and have thought of it many times before but whenever I think about writting the first post I usually give up and find something else to hobby my time. This time I am just going to write.

So, My name is Desiree Michelle Menard, I am 20 years old and am already a "young professional" working as a Vet Tech. I love my job. I moved to the "big city" back in April of last year with my boyfriend. Not so much a big city - but as big as they come around here. And this is my photo blog...

Let me explain

Family -  Adventures with my family (friends included).
Fashion - I am obsessed with fashion. Even though I might not have the best fashion sense or money to support my obsession - I like to try anyways.
Food - My boyfriend Anthony loves to cook and I love to eat. We complete eachother!
Four Paws - If not obvious, my world. My pets and my career.

So here goes, lets hope I can stick with it :)