Friday, 10 February 2012


I've been debating starting my own blog for at least a month and have thought of it many times before but whenever I think about writting the first post I usually give up and find something else to hobby my time. This time I am just going to write.

So, My name is Desiree Michelle Menard, I am 20 years old and am already a "young professional" working as a Vet Tech. I love my job. I moved to the "big city" back in April of last year with my boyfriend. Not so much a big city - but as big as they come around here. And this is my photo blog...

Let me explain

Family -  Adventures with my family (friends included).
Fashion - I am obsessed with fashion. Even though I might not have the best fashion sense or money to support my obsession - I like to try anyways.
Food - My boyfriend Anthony loves to cook and I love to eat. We complete eachother!
Four Paws - If not obvious, my world. My pets and my career.

So here goes, lets hope I can stick with it :)



  1. Cheryl sent me over to check out your new blog. Very nice and very you. Welcome to the BlogWorld

  2. Looking forward to reading your daily posts...especially if they include awesome photos from your new camera we got you for Christmas :)