Monday, 28 July 2014

Clothing Haul

I have another mini clothing haul, mostly from This is another new website for me. I have been browsing on it for a long time but never ordered anything. They offer free shipping to Canada and usually have some sort of promotion on for 10-20% off your order. I am always wary about ordering from new places because I'm not sure how there fitting or quality will be but I am super happy with how this stuff came out! I took a lot of pictures - sorry. 

The colour combination on this playsuit couldnt be more perfect for me. My two favourite colours! I also love the oversized baroque pattern. I would probably like this a bit more if it was a dress but since its so short a playsuit is much more practical. 

This basic tee is a play on the brand Céline & the #selfie obsession. I like the simpleness to this shirt. The cuffed arms are the perfect touch. This will be a great tee for the fall to rock with a pair of skinnies and a leather jacket.  Or for wearing on a lazy day to do errands. 

Sunflower Lace Pencil Skirt $15.95
This co-ord set is actually from Gojane. I wanted to show it off too but its the only thing I ordered from there so I threw it in with this bunch. I have been obsessing over these cute sets and have an event coming up that I wanted to get one for. I shopped around for a few weeks to find the best/most affordable one. I like this one because its white and black and can be built on with any colour accessories, shoes, purse and jacket. 

Isabella Scuba Zip Blazer  $50.00 $35.00 
I am so pleased with this blazer. It could not fit any better. So comfortable and fitted. The sleeves aren't too short, the shoulders aren't frumpy and its snugs in all the right places. I want this blazer in all the basic staple colours; white, black, grey, and whatever else they have! And yes, the zippered pockets are real. 

This blazer is exactly the same as the Isabella one except the texture of the material is "waffle" and the other one is just plain. I love the vibrant colour. Its a cross between fluorescent yellow and green.  I specifically bought this to wear with the co-ord set. An awesome pop of colour. 

I thought the pattern on this skirt was super cute. Midi length high waist skirts seem to be a thing these days and I wanted to try one out. The fit on this one is a bit weird. I think I should have gotten the medium not the large. Its a bit loose and bunches around my stomach/waist.  Hopefully I can find a way to style it so its not so noticeable because its very cute. 

Check out Gojane and Boohoo for yourself, they have some amazing stuff! 


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lip Factory June

Yep, its July 27th and I am just posting LF June now. To be fair, I didn't receive it until the first week of July. A bit ridiculous I know.  They JUST shipped me July's this week. 

 Model co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Fairy Floss 
This gloss smells so good. And there's a mirror on the side of the tube which is awesome for applying inside the lines. The colour is cute and the tube is actually quite big so we get a lot of product. 

Girlactik Beauty Star Shadow in Midnight 
This is a matte blue/black shade. The colour pay off is good and I think this is a colour I can work with.  

29 Cosmetics Lip Line Maker 
Why did this have to be brown?! I will never use a brown lip product. Especially liner. I haven't used lip liner before and I'm definitely not going to start with a bold brown. Maybe red or pink would have been nice. I will hold onto for now, perhaps I can use it for my eyes somehow. 

 Model Co Eye Define Eye Pencil in Black 
aka black eyeliner. Can't go wrong with that. It works well and comes off dark, perfect staple product.  

 Be Fine Lip Serum 
I have never heard of a lip serum but it sounds like something my lips need. Its made with camomile and beets. Interesting combination. I have not tried this yet but I am sort of excited to see how it will work. 

 Palladio Nail Sun Screen 
I had no idea such a product existed, nor did I know that the sun takes the colour out of my nails. It would be an interesting experiment to paint some nails with and some without to compare if it really does make a difference. My nail polish never lasts long anyways with my job! 

The value in this box was apparently huge according to some other blogs I read. Something like $98 worth of product for the $25 I paid. I was not overly pleased with this month's box. 


New Obsession

NYX Butter Gloss

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the best lip product around, IMO. I had heard such amazing things about NYX Butter gloss for the past 2 years! There was no where in Canada to buy NYX products until this past winter when Target came to Canada. I was so excited, but when I went to Target they didn't carry the butter gloss, such a disapointment! So, you may recall that last month I received a butter gloss in my Ipsy bag. I was sooo excited. I tried it out and loved it! I needed to have more. I discovered that one of the websites I order clothing from online happens to sell a small selection of the butter glosses too! So I bought 3 more....

Cherry Cheese Cake

Red Velvet

Raspberry Tart 

 Creme Brûlée 

They are so pigmented, and not sticky at all. Plus they smell amazing.  I think there is about 21 shades, I've got a lot more to go! 


Ipsy July

Sunsationally Sunkissed 

Sorry this is so late this month! It came in the second week of July and for the past two weeks I've been busy with work I haven't had the free time to sit down and blog. But here it is! 

Judging from the theme title of this month's bag I had a feeling I would be receiving either bronzer, tanning lotion/oil or sunscreen. I was correct....

POP Beauty Sun-kissed Bronzer
I loveeee this product. A matte, glitter free bronzer. Thank god! A lot of bronzers come with glitter in them and it's nice to have a matte one for my collection. When I saw this colour in the packaging I thought it would be way too dark for me but its actually really nice. This has become my daily use bronzer.

Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0
I am really excited about getting this brand. Getting high end brands is awesome. I have wanted to try out of a few of bare minerals products, this is a start.  The colours are nice, the pale colour makes the best highlighter. And I love purple so they nailed this one. The pigmentation is perfect too, unlike the last purple duo I got from Pacifica. 

Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink
Pixi Beauty has given out some good products through Ipsy so this product made me happy. At first I was worried because the shade is so boring and it's mint scented. But I have really chapped lips all the time and the mint soothes them nicely. The colour sort of just enhances my natural lip colour which is fine. This is something I take to work with me to keep my lips moist. 

Derma e BB Cream with SPF 25
I haven't had much luck with bb creams since they became a thing. I am not even sure if I'm going to try this one out. I don't really have a purpose for it.  Plus I think the shade is a bit too pink toned for my skin. The SPF additive is a bonus for someone who uses bb cream. I will hold onto it just in case. 

Pur~lisse Moisturizer with SPF 30
I am not overly joyed about this product. I have a giant container of my daily moisturizer that I love so don't really need this. HOWEVER, it is a bonus that it has SPF in it. Could be used wisely as a base before applying makeup if i plan to be in the sun. I can avoid nose sun burns that way. 

Overall I was happy with this month. I am actively using 3/5 products so it's a positive this month.

If you are interested in Ipsy, check it out here:


Monday, 21 July 2014

OOTD: Cut Out Maxi

 Today we FINALLY got to go to Port Dover Beach! I have been trying to go since June rolled around.  It's about a 45 minute drive so it needs to be when we have a day off. And it also needs to be on a day when its sunny! The weather has sucked so much lately. We are getting a crap summer. So today was nice, and it was my day off so I convinced Anthony to bring me. We took the motorcycle down and made a day of it. I needed to create a really simple light outfit for the beach since we were on the bike. Obviously I need to wear protective jacket and full pants on the bike for safety reasons so this dress was perfect to just throw on over my bathing suit once we got to the beach. 

I originally bought this dress online for a friend as a gift but once it arrived and I saw it in person I had to go and order one for myself. So now we have matching dresses :P 

Cut Out Maxi Dress: Forever21 {similar}
Strappy Sandals: Volcom

We also stopped and had lunch at one of the coastal restaurants, this is what it looked like. Surprise, poutine! 


Sunday, 20 July 2014

OOTD: Family BBQ

On Saturday Anthony's Uncle had a Family BBQ for his Birthday and deck reveal. Anthony has been over there everyday for the past month working on this monstrous deck. Wish I had a picture to show you! It was a colder rainy day so this is what I put together. I had my hair curled, 20 minutes later they fell and within an hour my hair was straight again. The humidity is outrageous right now.

I love this denim jacket. Its very fitted and feminine shaped. The sleeves are the perfect length and its fairly comfortable for a jean jacket. The floral pattern on the top livens it up from a boring plain jean jacket.  The maxi dress is perfect. Its like a very long wife beater - fitted but stretchy. It comes in all sorts of colours too, plus it was only $15.  The necklace I am wearing has a similar vintage floral pattern to the jacket. 

Maxi Dress: Gojane {similar}
Jean Jacket: Forever21
"Vintage" Watch Necklace: Stitches


Monday, 14 July 2014

Bikini Haul

I went bikini shopping at La Vie En Rose Aqua last week because they were having a sale and I need to get some bikini's that actually fit me. Time to be realistic. So I got four.

Ombre Bandeau Bikini -  {top $19.99 bottom $17.99} I love the different blue shades on this one. Reminds me of the ocean or the pool.  The top can be worn as strapless or with the halter tie. It removes easily. The top has a cluster of jewels in the centre but its hard to see in this picture. The side tie bottoms also have some jewels hanging down.
Graphic Mirage Bikini - {top $39.95 bottom $14.95} This pattern is so cool and I love the style of the bottoms. The top is simple push up halter style. The black panels on the side are very flattering for both the top and the bottom.  This set is from the new collection so it was full price BUT they had a coupon code for half off bottoms if you got the top. 

Soft Solid Jewel Halter - {$9.99} THIS top is the entire reason I wanted to place an order with LVER.  The colour is sort of across between brown and army green - I love it. The pink jewels on the side are a cute bonus. The main reason for my love for this top is the fact that it is a 5in1 style top. Meaning you can wear it 5 different ways. My most favourite way is the front cross (which i've shown you below).  So gorgeous. 
Wild Floral String Bikini -  {$4.99} Since the top was in clearance they didn't have the matching bottoms so I chose my own. These bottoms have a bit of the same brown colour and a lot of the pink colour from the jewels on the side. I think they match pretty good. And they were only $5!
Bird of Paradise Top - {$9.99} I loveeee the pattern and bright colours on this one, plus its the 5in1 style top so its super versatile. 
Blue & Yellow Stripe Bottoms - {$4.99} These bottoms were both in the clearance section for $5 each so I got one of each colour. They both go well with the separate top I bought and button details on the side were too cute to pass.  Plus they could easily be worn with white tops or even yellow/blue tops respectively.

^^^^^ this style is the reason I bought this bathing suit in two different colours. I just love it! Its also super convenient that you can style different ways but this cross in the front is my favourite. How gorgeous is that?! The longer I look at it, the more I want it in black too. 

Check out La Vie En Rose Aqua!  They are having a huge sale of 70% off right now.  They have some awesome suits for ladies like me who need some support and can't rock a simple triangle bathing suit. They also have great full coverage bottoms which I love. Trust me, If I could pull off cheeky bottoms I would!


Fashion I Can't Get Behind

Harness Heels?
Pictured: Gojane

I can't imagine any situation or event that would make these appropriate or classy.  Other than if you were a dominatrix stripper. I find it hard to believe that people buy these. They are regular $54.60 too. No thank you. Oh, they also come in metallic gold!

Wetsuit Romper
Stacks on Deck Romper: Gojane

A few years ago when the romper started coming back to fashion I had a hard time getting on board. Now they are tolerable, I even own one.  However now they have taken it too far.  You would have to be a size 0 for this to be flattering and even then its just not right. Doesn't look comfortable and why would you wear this? Other than to surfing or scuba diving? Looks like a wet suit to me. 

Maxi Kimono
yellow: boohoo
print: boohoo

I like a regular kimono. I have been trying to find one for the summer. They are light and airy and a good cover up to wear without dying of heat in the summer. I just can't find a pattern I like, a lot of them are pretty wild. I want a basic one so it can be worn with almost anything. I can across these on my search. They look like robes! Why are we turning robes into acceptable day wear? 


Disclaimer: hopefully I haven't offended anyone. Just keep in mind that these are my personal opinions for my own style. Everyone has their own style and it's okay to be different :)