Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lip Factory June

Yep, its July 27th and I am just posting LF June now. To be fair, I didn't receive it until the first week of July. A bit ridiculous I know.  They JUST shipped me July's this week. 

 Model co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Fairy Floss 
This gloss smells so good. And there's a mirror on the side of the tube which is awesome for applying inside the lines. The colour is cute and the tube is actually quite big so we get a lot of product. 

Girlactik Beauty Star Shadow in Midnight 
This is a matte blue/black shade. The colour pay off is good and I think this is a colour I can work with.  

29 Cosmetics Lip Line Maker 
Why did this have to be brown?! I will never use a brown lip product. Especially liner. I haven't used lip liner before and I'm definitely not going to start with a bold brown. Maybe red or pink would have been nice. I will hold onto for now, perhaps I can use it for my eyes somehow. 

 Model Co Eye Define Eye Pencil in Black 
aka black eyeliner. Can't go wrong with that. It works well and comes off dark, perfect staple product.  

 Be Fine Lip Serum 
I have never heard of a lip serum but it sounds like something my lips need. Its made with camomile and beets. Interesting combination. I have not tried this yet but I am sort of excited to see how it will work. 

 Palladio Nail Sun Screen 
I had no idea such a product existed, nor did I know that the sun takes the colour out of my nails. It would be an interesting experiment to paint some nails with and some without to compare if it really does make a difference. My nail polish never lasts long anyways with my job! 

The value in this box was apparently huge according to some other blogs I read. Something like $98 worth of product for the $25 I paid. I was not overly pleased with this month's box. 



  1. Good idea about using the liner for your eyes. Very smart.
    Can't wait for this months box. I've seen the spoilers and at first I wasn't very exciting but somehow over the week I have changed my mind and think it's a good box haha. I pick mine up on Thursday :)

    1. Thats good! I got my shipping notice last week, so hopefully it comes this week.