Monday, 28 July 2014

Clothing Haul

I have another mini clothing haul, mostly from This is another new website for me. I have been browsing on it for a long time but never ordered anything. They offer free shipping to Canada and usually have some sort of promotion on for 10-20% off your order. I am always wary about ordering from new places because I'm not sure how there fitting or quality will be but I am super happy with how this stuff came out! I took a lot of pictures - sorry. 

The colour combination on this playsuit couldnt be more perfect for me. My two favourite colours! I also love the oversized baroque pattern. I would probably like this a bit more if it was a dress but since its so short a playsuit is much more practical. 

This basic tee is a play on the brand Céline & the #selfie obsession. I like the simpleness to this shirt. The cuffed arms are the perfect touch. This will be a great tee for the fall to rock with a pair of skinnies and a leather jacket.  Or for wearing on a lazy day to do errands. 

Sunflower Lace Pencil Skirt $15.95
This co-ord set is actually from Gojane. I wanted to show it off too but its the only thing I ordered from there so I threw it in with this bunch. I have been obsessing over these cute sets and have an event coming up that I wanted to get one for. I shopped around for a few weeks to find the best/most affordable one. I like this one because its white and black and can be built on with any colour accessories, shoes, purse and jacket. 

Isabella Scuba Zip Blazer  $50.00 $35.00 
I am so pleased with this blazer. It could not fit any better. So comfortable and fitted. The sleeves aren't too short, the shoulders aren't frumpy and its snugs in all the right places. I want this blazer in all the basic staple colours; white, black, grey, and whatever else they have! And yes, the zippered pockets are real. 

This blazer is exactly the same as the Isabella one except the texture of the material is "waffle" and the other one is just plain. I love the vibrant colour. Its a cross between fluorescent yellow and green.  I specifically bought this to wear with the co-ord set. An awesome pop of colour. 

I thought the pattern on this skirt was super cute. Midi length high waist skirts seem to be a thing these days and I wanted to try one out. The fit on this one is a bit weird. I think I should have gotten the medium not the large. Its a bit loose and bunches around my stomach/waist.  Hopefully I can find a way to style it so its not so noticeable because its very cute. 

Check out Gojane and Boohoo for yourself, they have some amazing stuff! 



  1. You are going to look gorgeous on the dinner cruise in that outfit!
    The floral skirt is my fave piece...what kind of top will you wear with it? Does the pink blazer match?

    1. Yep, the pink blazer matches it perfectly.

  2. That bright yellow/green is like my new favorite color. I need things in my wardrobe that color.
    Love the set from gojane! I'm loving that trend but haven't been able to pick one for myself. Looks soooo good on you. I think that trend was made with you in mind haha. Lurve.
    Also, what's a playsuit?

    1. Ah thanks ! That's very reassuring to hear. Play suit is UKs version of romper