Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I was at work all night so I don't have anything exciting to share with you guys but I did stop by the 24 hour Shoppers on my way home at 1am and picked up some cady 50% off before they pack everything away in the morning! Yay :)

From me and Mae West!

Mae west says "Trick or Treat"

I am the monster hiding under your bed!  Mae West loves to wear her Halloween tie.

 P.S. we saw 2 dogs with chocolate ingestion tonight, and I am sure they will get more overnight and into tomorrow. Just remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs!

Xoxo D

Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art

Happy Halloween Week :) 

Today I posted a tutorial video with 3 simple Halloween nail art designs. I am no pro myself and appreciate an easy-to-achieve design so I thought I would create some for the viewers.  I did a dripping blood design, candy corn, and zombie stitch inspired design. THe zombie stitch was probably my favourite and the funnest one to do. I kept it on my nails this week. Which one was your favourite? 

Check out the video and leave some feedback, much appreciated ! 

Xoxo D

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Julep Box

Today I received my first ever Julep Maven box in the mail! If you didn't already know, Julep is a monthly subscription service for nail polish and beauty products by Julep. Generally you get 2 nail polish + 1 product, or 3 polishes. When you sign up you take a style profile quiz to determine your monthly box theme. Don't worry, if you don't like the style you end up with you can switch out for a different one before your box ships. This subscription service is usually $20/month, however I got this one for free. 

My Style Profile: Boho Glam

Boho Glam Intro Box

Mysterious black box arrives in the mail...

It's like mini Christmas opening a box of stuff!

The first nail polish I received was this gorgeous orange/gold/rust glitter color called Tatiana. It only took one coat to get that awesome color payoff. Very pigmented, excellent formula. I love the color its perfect for fall - which I am sure was the goal for the October box.  

The second nail polish was this smooth deep blue color called Kristy. Once again it only took one coat for this color payoff. The two colors actually look great together. 

The beauty product I received is this Luxe Repair Skin Serum. The package insert says "This rejuvenating serum delivers deep hydration and essential nutrients to help rebuild skin structure from the inside out—for a noticeable difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Designed for all skin types, Luxe Repair can be used as a daily treatment or moisturizer for face, hands, or body." I read some more into it and it claims to reduce acne redness and scarring so if thats true I am super pumped for that! 

& on top of it all I got this adorable little tote bag too! I love these, I have a collection going from different places. They are perfect for packing lunches :)

I have already looked into the November collection and I want to order it so bad, the colors are just gorgeous. Plus the Boho profile comes with 3 polishes in November. 

I did a video un-boxing as well, check it out:

Click the fancy little do-dad below if you want to join !!

Did you know that Julep has recently updated their color page?! Check it out by clicking here, they have a whole bunch of new amazing colors that I personally can't wait to get my hands on!

Xoxo D

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fashion I Can't Get Behind

Drop Crotch AKA Harem Pants
 Zebra: Forever21
Grey: Gojane

Brought to this world by the one and only Justin Bieber, apparently his fans caught on... our nation is doomed. The only good quality these pants have to offer is their comfort but they look horrid.  Such an unflattering shape, and I would imagine anyone that's not a size 0 will end up looking very heavy. There is a reason why we invented low rise jeans, no long crotch!

"Gangster" Jewelry
 Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet/Ring: Gojane

Why are these appealing? I've seen them with words like "bitch", "swag", "slut", F*ck" , you get the point. Tacky, and in bad taste. I probably wouldn't even wear them if they said nice things like cute or princess, because I am not 10.

Shoulderless Tops
 Flannel: Charlotte Russe
Blouse: Forever21

Let me clear this up for you. A cut out shoulder can look cute if its on the right style of top. I personally don't think it looks good on any sort of structured top. For example, something with a collar and button up like a flannel or blouse.

xoxo D

Disclaimer: hopefully I haven't offended anyone. Just keep in mind that these are my personal opinions for my own style. Everyone has their own style and it's okay to be different :) 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Skeleton Makeup

It is October and Halloween is right around the corner! I have a new video up on my youtube channel in honor of Halloween. It will hopefully be the first of many Halloween makeup tutorials. This particular one is of a costume I made last year, The Lady Gaga inspired Skeleton. 

Check out the video and let me know what you thought. I want to keep doing more Halloween tutorials so if you think of anything you want to see, let me know.

Xoxo D

Thursday, 10 October 2013

My Everyday Make-up Routine

Today I uploaded a youtube called "My Everyday Makeup Routine", and it is exactly what it claims to be. My go to make up routine for day to day wear. I change it up for occasions or if I'm in the mood too, but this is generally what I wear to work each day.

Check out my video below:

Please feel free to like, comment or subscribe, every bit helps :) 

Xoxo D

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Pee Problems

Today I bring you another Veterinary related post regarding a pretty common condition in emergency medicine :  Bladder Stones AKA Uroliths

This is a radiograph of a dachshund spaniel mix breed dog that was lethargic, vomiting and having trouble urinating.

Luckily, this was an easy diagnosis for us as this image is crystal clear and practically shouts bladder stones! That giant star shaped white opacity is one giant stone, surrounded my tons of medium and smaller stones. Ouch! Unfortunate for the dog, but can I just say that the fact that this stone is shaped like a star really made my night.

Sometimes bladder stones can be managed on diet and increased water intake but only if they are very small and sparse in numbers. That sort of treatment option will not work here. The only option for our friend "Penny" is surgery.

 So if you are not familiar with this sort of surgery let me tell you how it works.  We will place a urinary catheter prior to surgery to remove any blockage but also to drain bladder and flush bladder during surgery. An incision is made into the abdomen to access the bladder. Another incision is made in the bladder to access the stones. We use cystotomy spoons to remove the stones from the bladder. This is where the urinary catheter comes into play. An assistant (me) will continuously flush saline into the bladder via the catheter to make sure all tiny stones, crystals, and debris are clear from the bladder. It is important that everything inside is sterile. Once the bladder is empty and flushed out the vet will suture it closed.  Usually, the vet will lavage the entire abdominal cavity afterwards as well with saline to ensure there was no contamination because the bladder is considered "dirty". Getting urine , crystals or stones into the abdominal cavity is not a good thing. After that, the patient is sutured back up and awoken from anaesthetic. The urinary catheter is generally kept in place 24-48 hours post surgery depending how badly damaged the urinary tract was. It is a great way for me to track how much urine is being produced, the colour, consistency, and concentration. All factors that we can use to determine how well Penny is recovering and will help to treat her better.

The fun part of all this is the stones. We always keep what we find to show the owners, and sometimes send to the lab for analysis to find out what sort of stones they are to supply better prevention in the future. I took a photo with the stone next to a loony so you can see how large it is. There was about 18 stones in total in this poor girls bladder. Imagine having that sitting in there for a large period of time. Again, Ouch!

Urinary issues can sometimes seem less important but can actually end up being the most dangerous. Especially if your pet has a urinary blockage. If you think your pet may be blocked or become blocked it is important to see your Veterinarian right away. Look for signs like straining, bloody urine, peeing outside litter box, and small frequent urination. Also if there has been no urine production within 24 hours, you should start to investigate. 

Hey guys, let me know if you enjoy reading Veterinary Technician POV posts and I will do them more often. Also if you have a pet issue of any kind let me know and I can try to post about that too !

xoxo D

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Happy October

I am welcoming October with open arms! I love the fall time. Everything is just so pretty, and the air smells like the best candle ever.  With fall comes the cutest fashion too. Once fall rolls around, we get into the serious most best holidays (in my opinion)...Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, then New Years. 

What is your favourite thing about the onset of Fall? 

xoxo D

My 3 Fall Must Haves

Hi guys! Just recently I was featured on a fashion blog that I regularly follow called Miss Glam Dan. The author was going away and wanted to give her blogging readers a chance to earn some new audience. So anyways, she chose my post to be one of the featured blogs on her site. Check out my posting called "My 3 Fall Must Haves"

You should also take a moment to browse Danielle's blog, its great! For the next two weeks she will be featuring other bloggers. Such an awesome opportunity that I am so grateful for :) 

Xoxo D