Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fashion I Can't Get Behind

Drop Crotch AKA Harem Pants
 Zebra: Forever21
Grey: Gojane

Brought to this world by the one and only Justin Bieber, apparently his fans caught on... our nation is doomed. The only good quality these pants have to offer is their comfort but they look horrid.  Such an unflattering shape, and I would imagine anyone that's not a size 0 will end up looking very heavy. There is a reason why we invented low rise jeans, no long crotch!

"Gangster" Jewelry
 Necklace: Forever21
Bracelet/Ring: Gojane

Why are these appealing? I've seen them with words like "bitch", "swag", "slut", F*ck" , you get the point. Tacky, and in bad taste. I probably wouldn't even wear them if they said nice things like cute or princess, because I am not 10.

Shoulderless Tops
 Flannel: Charlotte Russe
Blouse: Forever21

Let me clear this up for you. A cut out shoulder can look cute if its on the right style of top. I personally don't think it looks good on any sort of structured top. For example, something with a collar and button up like a flannel or blouse.

xoxo D

Disclaimer: hopefully I haven't offended anyone. Just keep in mind that these are my personal opinions for my own style. Everyone has their own style and it's okay to be different :) 


  1. I agree on all 3...although some necklaces with "small font" words on them appeal to me...I wore one that said "Smile" for most of the summer until it broke on me.

    1. cute, delicate necklaces with nice words on them are okay. Its the big fat chunky ones with no class that bug me haha