Saturday, 27 April 2013

Caesarean Section


I wanted to share with you all something very exciting that took place on my shift Wednesday night. (exciting for me, not so much the owner or patient...) We got to do a C-Section on a Scottish terrier that had been in labour for 5 hours with no luck. Luckily her owner is an experienced breeder and he knew just what to look for. He knew something wasn't right with poor Rosie. So we took an x-ray to find out what was going on. 

So as you can see, there are two puppies inside. I tried to label the heads and spines to make it easier to see. The issue here is the puppy at the bottom. She was stuck in the birth canal, she's just too darn big to fit. The vet did a vaginal exam and could feel the puppies head stuck and could tell she just wasn't going to fit. Right into surgery we went!

About 20 minutes later, puppy number 1 was out, and was quickly "resuscitated", breathing and crying like a champion. Quickly followed by puppy number 2 who actually took about 20 minutes to come to life. Mom woke up from surgery uneventfully and the puppies were immediately nursing. Happy Ending for all. Dad was really happy to have two new healthy puppies...who were both girls btw.

1 hour old - so tiny.



Sleepy mom ready to go home

We received an update from dad a few days later, and he tells us that mom and pups are all doing great!


Happy Saturday Everyone :)

Finally have a weekend off, and the weather couldn't be more amazing. What are you doing this weekend? 


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Plan B

Good Morning! 

Last week me and Anthony discovered something great we wanted to take part in. Our community has a program called Plan B Organic Farms. Basically you buy a share of fruits/veggies and they deliver it to you from local farms. What you will receive is random and changes each week. You can order weekly, or biweekly and have the option of adding eggs to your basket for an extra $6. We chose the "small box" weekly for only $25. A small box includes 10 items and is said to be fit for 2 people. I love this idea! Whenever we go grocery shopping, we never buy fruits or veggies unless we need one specifically for a recipe. I feel like this will help us or more fruits/veggies and maybe even try some I've never had before.  

This weeks box included:
Sweet Potatoes

I can't get over how perfect our first box was! We enjoy each item that was given to us and I have a feeling we will eat it all up before next week. I am already imaging what I can make with these items. I had a pear before bed last night and it was delicious. I haven't had a pear in years. I think this might become a regular Tuesday blog entry as we get our boxes every Tuesday! 

Check out the website I am sure your community has something like this too! And what a great way to contribute to local farmers directly. 


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nail Product Review


Today something awesome happened! I discovered a Beauty Supply Outlet store here in Hamilton. Basically, they sell all the good american beauty brands that us Canadian's cannot usually get anywhere! Not even amazon would ship them to me. And people on Ebay charge double or triple the price. Needless to say I was pretty jacked. Even though we couldn't purchase any I have a wish list of the products i want. Today when I saw the store I went right in and purchased two of the items at the top of my list. A ridge filler and a fast dry top coat. And of course I couldn't leave without buying an actually colour. 

1.OPI Ridge Filler $11.50   2.OPI "Vant to Bite My Neck" $11.50   3.Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat $11.95

The first image is just my nails bare. I tried to get a good shot to show how bad my ridges are! How do I get rid of these?!! Especially bad on my thumbs and middle fingers.

This is after a coat of the ridge filler. Visually it changed the appearance of the ridges a bit, but it smoothed them out quite well. It still looks like I have ridges but you cant feel them. Which means it worked. Yes you can see them because the polish fills the gabs making a colour difference but the surface is smooth meaning when we apply a colour coat, it will be smooth and no ridges will be seen. LOVE IT. Will likely use this as a base every time I do my nails.

This is the colour I purchased, a deep purple. Obviously without touch up done around the nail/cuticle. I do that at the end. This image sort of makes it look black but its just the lighting. I actually love the colour, it is more of a winter shade though. Also this OPI polish is awesome. I only needed to do one coat and it covered nice and evenly.  In this picture the fast dry top coat is applied. The reason I wanted this one so much more over any other top coat is the fast dry part. I ALWAYS mess up my nails by hitting them off something when they are drying. I can apply this top coat while my colour coat is still drying. The top coat goes on nicely to "damp" nails and instantly works to dry the bottom coats and the top itself within seconds. It also adds incredible shine. SUPER pleased! 

Gosh, I love american products, and so happy I found this store. They also sell China Glaze & Orly nail products that I plan on trying out with my next pay check ;)


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dress Code: Jewelry Ed. 1

Good Evening Everyone! 

Its been a while since I have completed a Dress Code entry. I have been on a shopping hiatus since Christmas basically. I just recently got caught up and have made a couple orders so coming soon will be some more dress codes. today's is just dedicated to jewelry alone. I don't usually buy a lot of jewelry when shopping and I am not even sure why because I love to accessorize and they have some really awesome items out there these days but I tend to find myself skipping over those sections. This year I will focus more on growing my jewelry/accessory selection as most of my pieces are choices from when I was younger and not so much style fitting for me today. 

So here is a collective image of everything I have purchased in the last two months from Forever21&GoJane:

The bejeweled snake chain necklace was only $12.80 from Forever 21. It comes in three different colors and they are all great. I had a hard time choosing between the pink and the turquoise. Mine is missing some jewels already sadly, BUT I still have the jewels so I will be repairing them soon.

One of my other new season obsession is the filigree pattern jewelry. So many different earrings, necklace, bracelets launches in this pattern. I will definitely be getting more. I got this Black Filigree Necklace from Forever 21 but it is no longer available on the website, and I can't remember how much I paid for it but probably somewhere between $10-15. 

This cutout cross cuff is from Forever 21 for $5.80, also comes in silver. I am loving gold/rose gold shades this season. The silver one is nice too but this is my fav! I haven't figured out how to style this one yet. I feel like its too bulky to be worn alone on my wrist but not sure what sort of other bracelets to pair it with, any suggestions?

Here is a close up image of the apple charm necklace. Its hard to appreciate its utter cuteness from far away. The apple is a glass "box" filled with tiny clear jewels and the leaf is jewel encrusted as well. I got this from Forever21 for $6.80

Take a look at this at this beautiful Over-sized Boyfriend Watch from GoJane $27.80. The gold one was a gift from my parents for Christmas and I am greatly in love with it however I am afraid of it getting scratched! I wanted to get another watch in color that is opposite this one so I could have a watch to match many different outfits. When I saw this black one on the website I loved it. I had no idea it was going to be that huge! The whole reason I took the image of the two was to show you how over-sized it really is. I am loving that it has rose gold numbering, couldn't have nailed it better myself. Check out some of GoJane's other over-sized boyfriend watches, this is a great style to own. 


Friday, 12 April 2013

Caramel Bacon Buns

Good Afternoon! 

Yesterday I made something truly amazing thanks to this great blogger who has incredible ideas. The recipe is called "Third Date Caramel Bacon Buns", Ill just call them Caramel Bacon Buns. Check it out.

Don't they just look amazing! They were. Sadly, they are all gone already. A huge hit with the boyfriend. I am in love with this blog. It called Oh Bite It. Here is the link to the recipe above and I highly recommend you follow or check out some of the other ideas on there.


Friday, 5 April 2013


Good Afternoon All!

Yes, it is finally Friday. I do work the over night tonight but it is my last one for the week, I am just a few hours behind every one else. 

Coming soon should be a post about work, and a dress code! Stay tuned :) 


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope your Easter holiday was a great one!

I just wanted to make a little post dedicated to Easter dangers regarding your pets. I am a little late with this post but its still helpful as Easter treats and decor are still hanging around for a few days.

Number 1 - Chocolate is toxic
Although chocolate is very tasty for us, and the dogs always want a piece, you must resist! Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and can be very dangerous especially in smaller breed dogs whose toxic dose can be as little as one Cadbury Creme Egg! We had one case of chocolate toxicity this weekend at work, which is actually quite impressive. If your pet ingests some chocolate, call your vet right away and have your pets weight, type of chocolate, and estimated amount eaten on hand. 

Number 2 - Easter Lilies Are Toxic to Cats
There are a number of plants that are toxic to pets, but at Easter time this is the number 1 offender. We also had one case of lily ingestion over the weekend as well. A tell tale sign that your pet may have ingested some is seeing red, yellow, or white pollen around the nose. Cats like to chew on leaves and petals of the plant so take a look for teeth marks. If you have cats and cannot live without lilies please put them in places that your pets cannot reach! Call your vet right away if you are suspicious.

Number 3 - Bunnies as Gifts
This one is not exactly a danger, but is just an unfortunate for the bunny. A lot of people think its really cute to buy their children a bunny for Easter, and it is...but you need to make sure this commitment is something that your family is ready for. After Easter bunny numbers in shelters goes up due to owners realising it wasn't such a great idea as there children lose interest after Easter is over.  I am all for adoption and getting pets homes, but it is not far to buy and then send to a shelter a week later. Make sure you are ready first. If you are truly ready, then its a super cute addition to your family. 

Again, Happy Easter Everyone!