Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nail Product Review


Today something awesome happened! I discovered a Beauty Supply Outlet store here in Hamilton. Basically, they sell all the good american beauty brands that us Canadian's cannot usually get anywhere! Not even amazon would ship them to me. And people on Ebay charge double or triple the price. Needless to say I was pretty jacked. Even though we couldn't purchase any I have a wish list of the products i want. Today when I saw the store I went right in and purchased two of the items at the top of my list. A ridge filler and a fast dry top coat. And of course I couldn't leave without buying an actually colour. 

1.OPI Ridge Filler $11.50   2.OPI "Vant to Bite My Neck" $11.50   3.Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat $11.95

The first image is just my nails bare. I tried to get a good shot to show how bad my ridges are! How do I get rid of these?!! Especially bad on my thumbs and middle fingers.

This is after a coat of the ridge filler. Visually it changed the appearance of the ridges a bit, but it smoothed them out quite well. It still looks like I have ridges but you cant feel them. Which means it worked. Yes you can see them because the polish fills the gabs making a colour difference but the surface is smooth meaning when we apply a colour coat, it will be smooth and no ridges will be seen. LOVE IT. Will likely use this as a base every time I do my nails.

This is the colour I purchased, a deep purple. Obviously without touch up done around the nail/cuticle. I do that at the end. This image sort of makes it look black but its just the lighting. I actually love the colour, it is more of a winter shade though. Also this OPI polish is awesome. I only needed to do one coat and it covered nice and evenly.  In this picture the fast dry top coat is applied. The reason I wanted this one so much more over any other top coat is the fast dry part. I ALWAYS mess up my nails by hitting them off something when they are drying. I can apply this top coat while my colour coat is still drying. The top coat goes on nicely to "damp" nails and instantly works to dry the bottom coats and the top itself within seconds. It also adds incredible shine. SUPER pleased! 

Gosh, I love american products, and so happy I found this store. They also sell China Glaze & Orly nail products that I plan on trying out with my next pay check ;)



  1. I have BIG ridges...didn't know there was a product for them...I just learned something new :)

  2. The purple is beautiful. I love the names OPI comes up with. You have very pretty shaped names

    1. So do I, its almost the best part about choosing colours! Thanks :)