Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Plan B

Good Morning! 

Last week me and Anthony discovered something great we wanted to take part in. Our community has a program called Plan B Organic Farms. Basically you buy a share of fruits/veggies and they deliver it to you from local farms. What you will receive is random and changes each week. You can order weekly, or biweekly and have the option of adding eggs to your basket for an extra $6. We chose the "small box" weekly for only $25. A small box includes 10 items and is said to be fit for 2 people. I love this idea! Whenever we go grocery shopping, we never buy fruits or veggies unless we need one specifically for a recipe. I feel like this will help us or more fruits/veggies and maybe even try some I've never had before.  

This weeks box included:
Sweet Potatoes

I can't get over how perfect our first box was! We enjoy each item that was given to us and I have a feeling we will eat it all up before next week. I am already imaging what I can make with these items. I had a pear before bed last night and it was delicious. I haven't had a pear in years. I think this might become a regular Tuesday blog entry as we get our boxes every Tuesday! 

Check out the website I am sure your community has something like this too! And what a great way to contribute to local farmers directly. 



  1. Wish we had something like that here...I'll be anxiously awaiting the opening of farmer's markets this summer :)

  2. That would be perfect for me as well but alas! there is nothing like that here... even a community garden would be awesome but this town wouldn't be able to cooperate... lol... or the crazy kids would vandalize it like they do everything else.... I love what you got in the first box and look forward to Tuesday's posts to see what you got next.... and good for you for eating more veggies. I have found lately that I purchase more veggies and hardly any meats because of the cost of meats.

  3. I did this last year with one of our local farmers. It was a lot of fun and I got to try items I've never had before. Besides eggs we could choose extras like homemade bread, jams and homemade cheese. I did the jam and cheese. Our boxes were available on Wednesday so Wednesday became meatless and we only have veggies and salads. Bill is looking forward to that again.

    1. omg I would love the option of homemade jams! I can't wait for farmers market season to start so I can get some :)