Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dress Code: Jewelry Ed. 1

Good Evening Everyone! 

Its been a while since I have completed a Dress Code entry. I have been on a shopping hiatus since Christmas basically. I just recently got caught up and have made a couple orders so coming soon will be some more dress codes. today's is just dedicated to jewelry alone. I don't usually buy a lot of jewelry when shopping and I am not even sure why because I love to accessorize and they have some really awesome items out there these days but I tend to find myself skipping over those sections. This year I will focus more on growing my jewelry/accessory selection as most of my pieces are choices from when I was younger and not so much style fitting for me today. 

So here is a collective image of everything I have purchased in the last two months from Forever21&GoJane:

The bejeweled snake chain necklace was only $12.80 from Forever 21. It comes in three different colors and they are all great. I had a hard time choosing between the pink and the turquoise. Mine is missing some jewels already sadly, BUT I still have the jewels so I will be repairing them soon.

One of my other new season obsession is the filigree pattern jewelry. So many different earrings, necklace, bracelets launches in this pattern. I will definitely be getting more. I got this Black Filigree Necklace from Forever 21 but it is no longer available on the website, and I can't remember how much I paid for it but probably somewhere between $10-15. 

This cutout cross cuff is from Forever 21 for $5.80, also comes in silver. I am loving gold/rose gold shades this season. The silver one is nice too but this is my fav! I haven't figured out how to style this one yet. I feel like its too bulky to be worn alone on my wrist but not sure what sort of other bracelets to pair it with, any suggestions?

Here is a close up image of the apple charm necklace. Its hard to appreciate its utter cuteness from far away. The apple is a glass "box" filled with tiny clear jewels and the leaf is jewel encrusted as well. I got this from Forever21 for $6.80

Take a look at this at this beautiful Over-sized Boyfriend Watch from GoJane $27.80. The gold one was a gift from my parents for Christmas and I am greatly in love with it however I am afraid of it getting scratched! I wanted to get another watch in color that is opposite this one so I could have a watch to match many different outfits. When I saw this black one on the website I loved it. I had no idea it was going to be that huge! The whole reason I took the image of the two was to show you how over-sized it really is. I am loving that it has rose gold numbering, couldn't have nailed it better myself. Check out some of GoJane's other over-sized boyfriend watches, this is a great style to own. 


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  1. That watch is HUGE!! LOL...and I thought the gold one was big (and btw, I am greatly in love with it too)