Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shift 1

So my first shift at NTVH was pretty good. A little bit overwhelming that's for sure. The head technician told me that's expected, shes been there since September and still feels overwhelmed sometimes. So my day was pretty steady.

-Canine vaccine appointment
-Canine nail trim
-Puppy exam
-Dental exam
-Hit by car - no major injuries
-Husky with a sore hind end - didn't hear what the problem was.
-Canine with blood filled abdomen. Was in for cystocentesis, draw back revealed blood only. Scheduled an ultrasound.
-Canine vaccine appointment
-In ICU we had a cat whose sister died after anesthetic recovery, so we were just monitoring her.
-A cat with diabetic ketone acidosis

So thats what my 8 hour shift consisted of. Im really liking it there - mind you I just had one shift. But i am there again Sat and Sun for12 hours each. Pretty excited!

Also, when I got home from work last night I had an email from another emergency clinic that wants to interview me for either part time or full time. Opportunity to escape from boredom clinic?? Perhaps....

 Me and Anthony may have found the cat we will adopt. Her name is Ember - we will probably rename her when we get her. She is from the PRIDE rescue in Hamilton.A dilute calico, that is super friendly.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Honourable Mentions

Me and Anthony are on the hunt to adopt a new cat to be friends with Mae when we move in May. We are only doing shelter searches, no kijiji. We want to rescue a kitty. After looking at so many possible candidates its hard to choose. I'm going to show you a few of the ones that really got me.

The first guy is Lexington. First, I love his name. Black and white cats aka tuxedo cats, have grown on me since working here. They have such great personalities. He is from the HBSPCA. 
The next one is Snowflake. I love short hair all white cats. They are pretty rare. She is also from the HBSPCA
The final one I wanted to share is so different. I've never seen a face quite like this. When I first laid eyes on her I thought for sure it was a boy - a tomcat to be exact because of the huge cheeks and really defined face. Usually males that have been exposed to testosterone for a long time will develop that look. That's where the tom cat name comes from. But after reading her bio I found out it is indeed a girl. Interesting.
I think we are leaning towards finding the perfect calico. Anthony has his mind set on one, and I'm all for it because they are usually very sweet and full of love. Not to mention their coats are so pretty. hopefully Mae West is a ready for a partner in crime.


Sunday, 18 March 2012


Just cleaning out my iphone photo album and got some photos I wanted to share. First is our clinic cat Cosmo sleeping on a chair, using a metal bar as a pillow. Doesn't look to comfortable but cats always sleep in the weirdest positions.

The next is a gross picture. Weak stomachs beware. A client brought this bag in. This is a roundworm. The most common type of worms a dog can get. Easiest to get too. These are the worms that most puppies have too. But beware, they can transfer to humans! Ever gross right?

This is a picture of my Pride Rescue Rep's car. She owns the Pride Rescue and saves 100's of cats all the time. She brings them all to us for health care. Her license plate is the best. FIXYRCAT. A message that most people need to hear. I want something clever like this on my plates.
And finally it is Spring. My car no longer has to suffer being ugly with boring winter alloys and tiny tires. Last week anthony surprised me and put my rims back on for me. and you can see my new yellow rear brakes peeking through the back - a xmas present I just redeemed about a month ago.
OH also, I got the job at the emergency clinic! My first day is wednesday so Ill have a post of what I got to do :) 


Saturday, 17 March 2012

St Patties

Happy St. Patricks Day!! Not a whole lot going on these days. Treated myself to a few new items recently from my favourite store Forever21. My new obsession this season is cute dresses. The first is a one sleeve feather dress by Rory Beca.
Next is another dress with colorful spring and summer colors. The material is so nice and flowy. Such a comfortable dress.
And I got a top too. More of a winter or fall pattern, but since its become popular I've been trying to get my hands on a good piece. 
Also bought two accessories. I usually don't accessorize the best - or at all. So Im going to try this season. First is a pair of neon green earrings. Usually I just wear my "sleeper" rings 24/7 because they are cute and simple and I don't even notice they are there. Time for a change up. 
Last is a chunky bracelet that I just love. Not sure what I will pair it with but I just had to get it. Yes - that is an elephant. 
I also bought a houndstooth bikini top but its not pictured. Still need to find some matching bottoms.

I started Turbofire today. Did the very first work out called Fire 30 + stretch 10. It was pretty intense. I am super uncoordinated. Hopefully over time I can get the moves perfected and I won't look so lost. I am worried about the nutrition aspect of this work out. I suck at eating healthy. Me and my boyfriend are huge fatty food enthusiasts. Plus I hate grocery shopping and with work everyday I find it hard to pack lunches and snacks that are quick to make and easy to transport but still be healthy! So hard :(  If the food fails at lease I've got exercise in the mix so I don't gain 10000 lbs. 


Wednesday, 14 March 2012


On the weekend we had planned to go rock climbing with a bunch of friends. When we got there we found out you had to book in advance so we went on a hike instead. Got some great pictures when we were out. The weather was so nice too. I was sweating in just a hoodie. Looks like spring is finally here.

Anthony standing next to the waterfall.
The guys all decided to climb the mud slide hill like "real men" , I walked around and climbed up the easier side as I didn't want my camera to be ruined. Its a VERY steep hill, and very muddy.
Two deer we stopped. Originally saw then prance across the road, so beautiful. There is a third one somewhere as well. We followed them around for a bit and I got some other great pictures of them.
I love nature. Hope to go on some more hikes this season! Yesterday was a great day weather wise as well. We had to drive to Toronto to pick up our roommate from the airport but when we got back we had a BBQ. Today its thunderstorm territory, but still warm :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012


So today I had a working interview at 24 hour emergency animal hospital. It was awesome. I only worked for 4.5 hours and did more then I would probably do in two days at my normal job. I won't find out if I got the job until next Wednesday. I am not quitting my job im just picking up a second one for more hours and experience. So Im going to blog about what I did today.

1. Routine canine nail trim.
2. overly aggressive feline blood draw
3. Agressive dog nail trim
4. routine puppy nail trim
5. Canine heartworm bloodraw and booster
6. Canine blood draw, cerenia injection and cystocentesis guided by ultrasound (SO COOL!)
7. Canine rear end shave down with rectal temp and suture removal.
8. Canine blood draw for T4 panel.

1. Canine with suspect megaesophagus
2. Feline with major smoke inhalation from house fire
3. V/D cat that has not ate in days.

So much to do! I loved it. Fingers crossed, and if I get it I will post each time I work there saying what we did :) I leave you with this picture of mae that my mom took. She is always sitting right in the middle of everyone elses stuff !


Friday, 9 March 2012


Hey, I stumbled across this blog today at work that I admire. I have been reading fashion blogs all day and decided to switch over to sometihng actually related to my work. So I found this blog called whatikilledtoday. A blog solely devoted to the lifes of animals this vet tech has taken. I love this idea. If I worked at a busier practice I would do something like this as well. 

Work is so boring these days with this construction screwing everything up. First it was my phone lines so no one could call. Now people can't even get in so the appointments I do manage to book get cancelled! So frustrating. Heres an updated picture of whats going on. They have moved the barrier to the very end of my driveway. You should actually see it now. At this point when the picture was taken it was right at 8 am, and the digging and nonsense was happening behind the big truck. Now its moved over to right in front of my driveway. Not even sure how im going to leave in 20 minutes. Oh and it snowed today :(

On the bright side, at least Cosmo (our clinic cat) is ready for his examination :)


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

14TH Floor

Last night Anthony made us dinner. He made pad thai with chicken and vanilla peanuts. It was so good. My obsession with Pad Thai came from my summer job. I work with a catering company that does mainly weddings. I am a cater waiter. My boss made this amazing pad thai for one of the events and it was the first time I had ever had it. It was so good! He made his with lots of peanut butter. Anthony doesn't use peanut he found a different recipe. But they are both just as good, but they have different slightly different tastes.
So this morning Anthony and I had an apartment viewing. It was for a large one bedroom with a walk in closet. After the viewing they told us it was already sold! Why bother showing it, right?! Sucks because I fell in love with the closet
I've never had a walk in closet before, never really thought it would be an option for me. Plus its every girls dream! Oh well. Next we looked at a two bedroom on the top floor (14th.) It didn't have a walk in closet but its huge and the balcony makes up for it. So we applied. We will hear tomorrow. Fingers crossed !
The doorway behind the two guys is the entrance to the second half of the balcony. Just outrageous! 


Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today, we made a trip to Canadian Tire to get a quote on my brake change. We stopped at housewares on the way through and picked up a set of salt and pepper shakers. We decided to go to homesense to check out other housewares. I am in love with this store! I've never been before, but now I need to go more. They have so much neat stuff in there. And theres just so much going on you really need to look around and pay attention. Prices aren't too bad either. First item that caught my eye was for my dad. A set of copper-esque pots.

The next item is for my parents as well. This shelf/cabinet set really caught my eye. Looks like something that belongs right in our dining room or kitchen.

I only took two photos of items we wanted to get. They are the ones I want to remember the most. The bad thing about this store is that I'm pretty sure that what you see if what you get. Meaning they only have one or two of each item at a time. So we need to go back soon to get these items before someone else snags them from us. The first is a piece of wall art I want to get for the bathroom.

Next is a lamp Anthony spotted that I just love! Would look great next to our new black leather couch, and will fit in just great with our anticipated living room theme.

I was surprised he liked it as much as I did seeing as its crystal-esque. I really hope they have some of these left when we return in a months time.

Dinner tonight was another weight loss failure. It just isn't in the cards for us. We went to a little shop called Smoke's Poutinerie. SO GOOD. They have a website if your interested. The owners of this place had a genious idea. So basically they just make all sorts of poutine. Anthony got one called the Country Style Poutine. Chicken, bacon, mushrooms and caramalized onions - of course fries, cheese and gravy too.

I got one called the Chili Poutine, its pretty self-explainatory. Chili and poutine! SO GOOD. Next time I will be trying the bacon cheeseburger one.

This store is so cool. Its in the greatest location and the hours are just insane. They are located right in the center of the club life stripe, so they stay open super late so all the people leaving the clubs at 2am can come get a snack. The inside of the store is well designed, and very clean. The picture I took aren't the best - I used my phone, and the lighting is very dim in there. But I took a picture of the menu - try to read if you want. And a bit of the design of the inside of the building. Oh, I also got a cream soda with my meal. I miss cream soda.

One the plus side, I did a pretty intense cardio work out today so hopefully that will counteract my terrible choice in dinner.