Wednesday, 14 March 2012


On the weekend we had planned to go rock climbing with a bunch of friends. When we got there we found out you had to book in advance so we went on a hike instead. Got some great pictures when we were out. The weather was so nice too. I was sweating in just a hoodie. Looks like spring is finally here.

Anthony standing next to the waterfall.
The guys all decided to climb the mud slide hill like "real men" , I walked around and climbed up the easier side as I didn't want my camera to be ruined. Its a VERY steep hill, and very muddy.
Two deer we stopped. Originally saw then prance across the road, so beautiful. There is a third one somewhere as well. We followed them around for a bit and I got some other great pictures of them.
I love nature. Hope to go on some more hikes this season! Yesterday was a great day weather wise as well. We had to drive to Toronto to pick up our roommate from the airport but when we got back we had a BBQ. Today its thunderstorm territory, but still warm :)


  1. Love that waterfall!
    No pics of bbq meal? What did you have?