Sunday, 18 March 2012


Just cleaning out my iphone photo album and got some photos I wanted to share. First is our clinic cat Cosmo sleeping on a chair, using a metal bar as a pillow. Doesn't look to comfortable but cats always sleep in the weirdest positions.

The next is a gross picture. Weak stomachs beware. A client brought this bag in. This is a roundworm. The most common type of worms a dog can get. Easiest to get too. These are the worms that most puppies have too. But beware, they can transfer to humans! Ever gross right?

This is a picture of my Pride Rescue Rep's car. She owns the Pride Rescue and saves 100's of cats all the time. She brings them all to us for health care. Her license plate is the best. FIXYRCAT. A message that most people need to hear. I want something clever like this on my plates.
And finally it is Spring. My car no longer has to suffer being ugly with boring winter alloys and tiny tires. Last week anthony surprised me and put my rims back on for me. and you can see my new yellow rear brakes peeking through the back - a xmas present I just redeemed about a month ago.
OH also, I got the job at the emergency clinic! My first day is wednesday so Ill have a post of what I got to do :) 



  1. LUVAPET would be a good one. Hey, you should run a contest for ideas.

    Can't wait to hear all about your work at North Town :)

  2. Glad you got that job you were going for,remember though,leave time for yourself. Well,spring and you got your wheels changed...looking good Hon.