Thursday, 27 September 2012

Autumn Decorations

So I actually went through with my decorating last night. I went to Dollarama first for some cheaper decorations as I am trying to be money-savvy (not a word). I was feeling kind of discouraged because they're stuff wasn't all that great to me. A bunch of cheap looking leaves and no fun berries or anything. I picked out a few things I thought I could create something with and moved on. I stopped at the Sobey's next door as I spotted some pumpkins outside and thought maybe I could buy some gourds. Much to my surprise Sobeys had an amazing selection of decorations! They have a flower shop and it was filled Autumn decorations. I spent some good money in there and was very pleased with how it all turned out.
 This is a little candle holder with orange leaves. When Anthony first saw this in the middle of the night he thought I had spilled Doritos and left them there?
 These are my favorite. The Autumn basket I put together myself using various pieces from the follow shop and some Indian corn, pine cones, and gourds and mini pumpkins. I found this pumpkin shaped cage and filled it with more mini REAL pumpkins.
 Here is a closer look at my basket. I just love it :)
 Here is Mae deciding she will help create the basket. Instead she just tried to eat all the straw! Some helper she was.
some simple leaves to trim my curtains. You notice these as soon as you walk in the room and the orange stands out great against the black curtain.
 I had some left over pieces and didn't want to throw them all out so I grabbed a wine bottle I was using for decoration in my bedroom and filled it with bits and pieces and created this little thing. A cute little addition to the room.
 And lastly, a cute little welcome sign to hang on the outside of my door :) Luckily, there was already a hook on the door so it worked perfectly!
 I wanted to mention this awesome wreath I found but didn't buy. It was a little over 30$ and totally awesome. I want this for winter decor - maybe add some white glitter to it to give it that winter shimmer. If this thing is still around come end of November Ill probably buy it.

I feel like my decorations don't look as nice because everything around them is sloppy like my tv stand and the Tassimo machine. We need to learn about decluttering because nothing looks how it does in the magazines!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Fall Inspiration

With the first day of Fall being last week I can't help but get in the mood. I love Autumn. Everything is so pretty and the air is so crisp. This year I want to get into the season by decorating my apartment. I have never decorated for a season/holiday before - that's always been my moms fort-ay. I don't even know where to begin. I just keep getting all these images in my mind but I know my version won't quite look the same. I feel like my decorations won't make a large enough impact to even notice that I've decorated for the season. I am going to go shopping tomorrow to pick up a few things to start my decorating. In the mean time, I have created an inspiration board of beautiful Autumn decorations and ideas.
Once I figure out my scheme and get all my projects finished I will post the finished piece - that being my apartment. Hopefully my decorations will stand out and I'll actually get a positive autumn vibe when I walk in my door.

I love Thanksgiving. I love the family get together, the season, and the giant turkey dinner! The dinner is probably my favorite part. This year I will be missing Thanksgiving with my family because I have to work the weekend shift at emerge :( I am super sad about this! I don't know what I am going to do. Anthony said he would stay behind with me so I wouldn't be alone. His mom told him that she would come to Hamilton to spend Thanksgiving with his family, so he lucked out. Obviously I would be able to attend their family celebration but chances are that I'll miss that as well because I work late. Just to keep myself positive and too not get too bummed out I am thinking about cooking something to contribute to his family dinner - even though I most likely won't attend, I just don't know what to make yet. Any ideas on a good Thanksgiving dish or dessert that is fairly simple for a beginner like me?


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saucy Mexican Chicken

I made dinner again tonight ! It seems to be a reoccuring thing these days. I do enjoy cooking and love it when something I create comes out so delicious because I've been the worst cooker for as long as forever. Im just a microwave or raw weiner type of girl. Tonight I made saucy mexican chicken. I was skeptical when I cooked because I thought it was far too watery. Once I bowled it and tried it, it was incredible. Probably the best thing I've ever made! So much flavor and the saucy part went so well with the chicken.

I wonder what Anthony will think of it when he takes a bowl to work. I wish he would be awake when I make this fresh. Nothing is nearly as good as when it is fresh out of the pan.


Recent Outfits

Sometimes when I get days off, I like to dress nicely rather than just throw on some sweats like most people do on their days off. Since 97% of my life is spent wearing scrubs I try to change it up. I love clothes! Usually when I put together an outfit I like to take a picture so I can remember its beauty. I just never have anywhere to put these photos since my IPhone broke and I cannot use the many fashion apps I used too. So now I will post them on here.
 This skirt I loved when I saw it. Did not anticipate how hard it would be to find a top to style it with. Had to settle for a plain black tank as nothing else looked right. Yellow is such a bold color and doesn't help that its made from such a bold pattern. You need to careful when you wear lace pattern as everything else sort of needs to be plain or it clashes.
I searched for a good pair of mint green jeans almost all spring/summer. I finally got a pair the first week of September. A little bit late as we are getting into fall/winter colors but I'll be wearing these as much as I can before those leaves fall. Not liking the top I wore anymore! I regret that. Kinda makes me look more frumpy than I am.  I loved the top on the model though so I needed to get it. perhaps it needs to be styled different. I actually changed my shirt about 20 minutes after I took this photo to a small beige camisole and LOVED that but had no time to take a photo as Anthony was pushing me out the door.
A maxi dress was on the top of my list for this summer as well. I couldn't find one that I liked that was a decent price. I didn't want a solid color one as I thought it would look too boring. All the fancy patterned ones I saw were hard on the wallet. Finally found this one for about 18$. So comfortable to wear and you still look dressed up compared to wearing sweats.


Monday, 17 September 2012


Anthony stumbled upon some great townhouses in a subdivision in Binbrook. They are so nice. Two different styles on this street. Both are great. The second option has the balcony on the front of the house apposed to on the back. I love the kitchens in these places and the back yards are great for townhouses. Both with nice decks and still having grass space left over. I love the look of the exteriors of these houses as well. They are a bit smaller in size but we don't need tons of space as its only the two of us.
25 VIKING Drive, Binbrook, ON, L0R 1C0 | RE/MAX

25 VIKING Drive, Binbrook, ON, L0R 1C0 | RE/MAX

I think I like the first one better. However, the front porch is enticing! 


Thursday, 13 September 2012


Tonight I made dinner. This is not something that I usually do as I am not the best cook due to lack of experience. Recently I have been finding recipes and following them to help to learn. Tonight I made a simple dinner all by self using ingredients I had in the house. I ended up creating a spaghetti with meat sauce dish. It smelt sooo good and tasted great! I am quite proud of myself.  I will have to make Anthony a bowl to take with him to work tonight and hear his judgement as he is the head chef in the house.

Yesterday me and Anthony went to the bank to see what sort of mortgage we could get.  We got approved for $260,000. I was shocked. But then my mind opened to all sorts of possibilities.  We are considering buying a house next year when our lease is up. Preferably we want something with an in law suite so we can rent out half the house. Ideally, we want to only spend around  $200,000. We went real estate shopping online last night and found one property we both liked.

I LOVE the exterior of the house including the large back yard! Anthony obviously loves the two car garage, as thats his dream! I really like the large master bedroom with the bay window. The kitchen is cute and very country. And I like the double french doors throughout the house - don't forget the fire place. Thats just one possibility.  We are constantly looking.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy 21st Birthday

Today is my 21st Birthday! I don't feel like I am 21. I still feel like I should be 18 or something - even though I've already completed college and have been in the workplace for over a year.On the weekend we celebrated my birthday in Niagara Falls with Anthony's family. We went to Appleby's for dinner and the server gave me free dessert. Sadly, I didn't have my camera. Below is a picture of the ring Anthony bought me for my birthday, just gorgeous! & no it is not an engagement ring.

Anthony's mom also bought me a cute costume jewelry ring as well. Of course it was Hello Kitty. (Other ring in picture is one I've had for about 3 years now from Anthony.)  HK is wearing a blue bow which is perfect as that is my birthstone color and it was a birthday gift.

While in Niagara Falls we did everything the city has to offer. Went to various different restaurants such as Appleby's, IHOP, The Grand Buffet, An all you can eat breakfast buffet (cant remember the name), and the Rainforest Cafe. All places I have never been before! We almost did all the attractions. We did the casino obviously and Anthony won 320$! We also went to the bowling alley, we played two games of bowling and a couple rounds of pool. Both are not my strongest games. We drank pitchers of beer and Anthony's Nanny bought me an amazing drink for my b-day.   It was called a Vanilla Thrilla. I believe its made with Cola and Vanilla liqueur on ice, so tasty! The next day we went to Marine-land, another place I have never been! That was pretty neat. I got to feed/pet a deer and a Beluga whale!

After Marine land we are all sore from walking around the park all day we went for a swim in the pool/hot tub in our hotel. I love when hotels come with great amenities. That night we went to the grand buffet and casino. On our last day there we went and did all the attractions on Clifton Hill. Anthony spotted the Monster Energy Truck and they were giving away free Monsters! We also did the maid of the mist tour that day as well, we got so wet. That evening we went to the Rainforest cafe which is the coolest place ever! The whole place looks like a safari and they have thunderstorms inside every 30 minutes. The ceiling is a dark sky with twinkling stars, and the whole restaurant is full of animal exhibits (fake of course). Attractions at Clifton Hills were ones like mini putt, wax museums, 4D movies, arcades, carnival games, and novelty shops like the Hershey Store - I nearly died in there!  That was an amazing weekend - Niagara falls is always so fun. I go almost once a year but it never gets old.

So as for tonight my actual birthday I am not sure what is going to happen. Most likely go out for dinner but since anthony works overnights we won't have much time. However, we do have tomorrow off so we will prob do something fun tomorrow.


Here we go again

I miss my blog! I know not many people read it but its a fun way to store some great memories. Also a time killer on a very slow day at work ( I didn't say that). I want to start blogging again but I have this terrible habit of starting something and never finishing it. With that being said - I started scrap-booking at the beginning of the month and actually completed my first entire book. I would say that's a step in the right direction.

Lets see how I do at this project !