Thursday, 27 September 2012

Autumn Decorations

So I actually went through with my decorating last night. I went to Dollarama first for some cheaper decorations as I am trying to be money-savvy (not a word). I was feeling kind of discouraged because they're stuff wasn't all that great to me. A bunch of cheap looking leaves and no fun berries or anything. I picked out a few things I thought I could create something with and moved on. I stopped at the Sobey's next door as I spotted some pumpkins outside and thought maybe I could buy some gourds. Much to my surprise Sobeys had an amazing selection of decorations! They have a flower shop and it was filled Autumn decorations. I spent some good money in there and was very pleased with how it all turned out.
 This is a little candle holder with orange leaves. When Anthony first saw this in the middle of the night he thought I had spilled Doritos and left them there?
 These are my favorite. The Autumn basket I put together myself using various pieces from the follow shop and some Indian corn, pine cones, and gourds and mini pumpkins. I found this pumpkin shaped cage and filled it with more mini REAL pumpkins.
 Here is a closer look at my basket. I just love it :)
 Here is Mae deciding she will help create the basket. Instead she just tried to eat all the straw! Some helper she was.
some simple leaves to trim my curtains. You notice these as soon as you walk in the room and the orange stands out great against the black curtain.
 I had some left over pieces and didn't want to throw them all out so I grabbed a wine bottle I was using for decoration in my bedroom and filled it with bits and pieces and created this little thing. A cute little addition to the room.
 And lastly, a cute little welcome sign to hang on the outside of my door :) Luckily, there was already a hook on the door so it worked perfectly!
 I wanted to mention this awesome wreath I found but didn't buy. It was a little over 30$ and totally awesome. I want this for winter decor - maybe add some white glitter to it to give it that winter shimmer. If this thing is still around come end of November Ill probably buy it.

I feel like my decorations don't look as nice because everything around them is sloppy like my tv stand and the Tassimo machine. We need to learn about decluttering because nothing looks how it does in the magazines!



  1. You did an awesome job babe!

  2. Lookin good Hon,bet that orange with the black looks great.The more you add,the better it gets!

  3. I really really love that wine bottle decoration the best of all... but the rest of the decorations look wonderful too.. it is the tallness of the wine bottle decoration that caught my eye.