Thursday, 13 September 2012


Tonight I made dinner. This is not something that I usually do as I am not the best cook due to lack of experience. Recently I have been finding recipes and following them to help to learn. Tonight I made a simple dinner all by self using ingredients I had in the house. I ended up creating a spaghetti with meat sauce dish. It smelt sooo good and tasted great! I am quite proud of myself.  I will have to make Anthony a bowl to take with him to work tonight and hear his judgement as he is the head chef in the house.

Yesterday me and Anthony went to the bank to see what sort of mortgage we could get.  We got approved for $260,000. I was shocked. But then my mind opened to all sorts of possibilities.  We are considering buying a house next year when our lease is up. Preferably we want something with an in law suite so we can rent out half the house. Ideally, we want to only spend around  $200,000. We went real estate shopping online last night and found one property we both liked.

I LOVE the exterior of the house including the large back yard! Anthony obviously loves the two car garage, as thats his dream! I really like the large master bedroom with the bay window. The kitchen is cute and very country. And I like the double french doors throughout the house - don't forget the fire place. Thats just one possibility.  We are constantly looking.



  1. How can you possibly be a bad've got the good cook genes from both me and dad :)

    LOL...and from your house choice, you've obviously inherited our love of older homes too!

    The large backyard is perfect for a hot tub on the porch, lots of sunshine for a garden, lots of room for dogs to run around in :)

    So...what did Anthony think of your "sketti"? Much better than Honey Boo Boo's with ketchup and butter eh!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Birthday,as it should be....and you're cooking suppers'll find ,after a time,that cooking can be fun,especially if it's edible HAH! Time for me to get some sleep...catch you later Hon.