Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy 21st Birthday

Today is my 21st Birthday! I don't feel like I am 21. I still feel like I should be 18 or something - even though I've already completed college and have been in the workplace for over a year.On the weekend we celebrated my birthday in Niagara Falls with Anthony's family. We went to Appleby's for dinner and the server gave me free dessert. Sadly, I didn't have my camera. Below is a picture of the ring Anthony bought me for my birthday, just gorgeous! & no it is not an engagement ring.

Anthony's mom also bought me a cute costume jewelry ring as well. Of course it was Hello Kitty. (Other ring in picture is one I've had for about 3 years now from Anthony.)  HK is wearing a blue bow which is perfect as that is my birthstone color and it was a birthday gift.

While in Niagara Falls we did everything the city has to offer. Went to various different restaurants such as Appleby's, IHOP, The Grand Buffet, An all you can eat breakfast buffet (cant remember the name), and the Rainforest Cafe. All places I have never been before! We almost did all the attractions. We did the casino obviously and Anthony won 320$! We also went to the bowling alley, we played two games of bowling and a couple rounds of pool. Both are not my strongest games. We drank pitchers of beer and Anthony's Nanny bought me an amazing drink for my b-day.   It was called a Vanilla Thrilla. I believe its made with Cola and Vanilla liqueur on ice, so tasty! The next day we went to Marine-land, another place I have never been! That was pretty neat. I got to feed/pet a deer and a Beluga whale!

After Marine land we are all sore from walking around the park all day we went for a swim in the pool/hot tub in our hotel. I love when hotels come with great amenities. That night we went to the grand buffet and casino. On our last day there we went and did all the attractions on Clifton Hill. Anthony spotted the Monster Energy Truck and they were giving away free Monsters! We also did the maid of the mist tour that day as well, we got so wet. That evening we went to the Rainforest cafe which is the coolest place ever! The whole place looks like a safari and they have thunderstorms inside every 30 minutes. The ceiling is a dark sky with twinkling stars, and the whole restaurant is full of animal exhibits (fake of course). Attractions at Clifton Hills were ones like mini putt, wax museums, 4D movies, arcades, carnival games, and novelty shops like the Hershey Store - I nearly died in there!  That was an amazing weekend - Niagara falls is always so fun. I go almost once a year but it never gets old.

So as for tonight my actual birthday I am not sure what is going to happen. Most likely go out for dinner but since anthony works overnights we won't have much time. However, we do have tomorrow off so we will prob do something fun tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like you'll never forget your 21st birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday Desiree what a wonderful weekend you had with a lot of "Firsts". Enjoy the next round of celebration.