Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saucy Mexican Chicken

I made dinner again tonight ! It seems to be a reoccuring thing these days. I do enjoy cooking and love it when something I create comes out so delicious because I've been the worst cooker for as long as forever. Im just a microwave or raw weiner type of girl. Tonight I made saucy mexican chicken. I was skeptical when I cooked because I thought it was far too watery. Once I bowled it and tried it, it was incredible. Probably the best thing I've ever made! So much flavor and the saucy part went so well with the chicken.

I wonder what Anthony will think of it when he takes a bowl to work. I wish he would be awake when I make this fresh. Nothing is nearly as good as when it is fresh out of the pan.



  1. Perhaps it's so saucy because you're supposed to serve it over rice or noodles?

  2. Some foods like soups and stews get better with age so maybe your dishes DO taste good warmed up too...

    1. you were right! I tried some left over and the sauce thickened and it still tasted just as great!

  3. That all looks real good,i'd eat it for sure!!

  4. wish you lived closer so you could come cook for me :-))