Thursday, 26 April 2012

One More Day

Another post! I am trying hard to find time. The last 30 minutes of my shift at Downtown AH so I'm taking the time. 
A few interesting things have happened at emerge lately. Had my first case of parvo, everyone look out! It seems to be starting early this year. What a nightmare. Luckily, the little dog survived. Poor thing only weighs like 3 kg - just a baby maltese. He actually pulled through quite well in just 3 days which is top notch for parvo recovery. Thats the benefit of finding it early.  Last nights shift was so boring but we actually had two cases that were intersting, unfortunatly it wasnt in my department so I didn't get to do much but I made sure to get the details. The first was a foriegn body surgery. The vet went into the abdomen to retrieve whatever was stuck. Turned out to be hair elastics. A little pug decided it was a good idea to eat them , in turn he lost 22 inches of his intestines. Thank god us mammals have tons of inches of intestines. I was watching the ACA take a picture of the intestine we removed, I wish I had a camera handy as I would have loved to share it with you. Life lesson = dont let your pets eat weird things. The other interesting case was a walkin with a mass. I was reading their check in information and the receptionist had put "dog has mass that has ruptured,would like an estimate for removal." So before going into see the dog I made a rough estimate for a mass removal with 20 mins surgery time because usually a mass takes about that long to remove. Boy, was I mistaken. When I got into the exam room the size of the mass blew me away. I couldn't stop starring at it. It was an external hairless, ruptured bleeding/oozing mazz the size of a decent cantelope. Just the oddest looking thing I've ever seen. The estimate went from about 400$ to over $1200 in 5 seconds. That poor dog! It was in the most awkward place ever. What I want to know is why the owners didn't remove it sooner.
Haha, i think that picture is so cute. I love giving my cat cat nip. Its the only thing that really gets her running around (besides the lazer pointer). Its just too funny to watch her freak out. The best is the cat nip + lazer pointer combo. I highly suggest it.

Some super exciting news! I am moving tomorrow ! Woo hoo. The day finally came. I remember a couple months back thinking omg we have to wait until May this totally sucks. Well I made it! We have basically bought our whole house at ikea this past week. I am so excited to get everything moved in and set up. Plus then we can bring our cats home and see how they get along. Sadly, I work 12 hours shifts all weekend so Anthony will have to do most of the work. My next day off isnt until Wednesday so thats probably when most of the organizing will happen. I have a weird feeling that everything will just sit in boxes until then. We are still short on a few items but we plan to get those sometime next week. I am anxious to see what the place looks like after the renovations that were done. I will post pictures as soon as I have them.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thank God for Boarders

Today was a pretty relaxing day for the most part. I had a pretty full and busy morning but after lunch it got dead. I mean dead! At about 10 am my internet went out too. So I was pretty lost. I spent my afternoon making the May schedule and playing in the back with the two boarders.

Thank god for boarders because it was 21 outside today, such a beautiful day, and without them I would have had no excuse to go outside.  Me and Anthony were supposed to go furniture shopping tonight but our old roommate Rob showed up and wanted us to go out to dinner instead. So we are going tomorrow instead! Really hoping for a kitchen table! We are moving in 8 days and honestly, you wouldn't even know. Our house is still as messy as ever, and we are hardly even packed! I just don't feel like doing all the work myself and no one is ever home to help me when I'm here. I just wish one day I could come home from work and it all be magically done.  I am trying to keep myself busy right now, otherwise I would probably be sleeping already. So tired all the time. I guess cleaning and packing is just what I need right now. Anyways, just a short sweet one today.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Catch Up

Long time no write again. I am working 16 days in a row without a day off. I can write this morning because I'm not starting work until 4pm and everyone else is already at work, so I'm free.  This blog will just be a bit of a clean up. Finding all the photos I meant to post but never got too. So first is the picture I promised from a few entries back. The medical case from work - the cat with the hole in his body. Warning: kinda gross.
 The first picture is right when he arrived. A little old bleeding but not much really going on. Just a strange hole that looks way too weird because the edges are perfectly healed.
This one is after I've clipped and cleaned it. Still not much to by. Its a mystery. My doctor went in and found no real cause, just cleaned up inside to avoid infection, recut the edges, and closed him  up. I haven't heard anything from his owners so he must be doing good.

So, It's kitten season! Last week the Pride Rescue brought us in 15 kittens from a hoarding house. All about 6 weeks old. So adorable these little guys. Luckily they were all nice and healthy. We vaccinated, and dewormed them and sent them on their way. Over the weekend they went to a Pet Valu fundraiser and I heard that 9 of them found homes! YAY!  Below is a picture of my two favourite twins Beau and Leo.
Also on the subject of kitten season...Me and Tracy (the vet) have done 9 pregnant spays this month. That just goes to show that its kitten season. So, SPAY/NEUTER your pet!

Ok, now lets jump back to Easter. I posted two entries over easter weekend, but didn't get to post my actual Easter day one. So HAPPY EASTER! I should have taken a photo of the stuff my parents got me for Easter before I ate it. But I have a picture of what I got them!
MMM, I love chocolate. I got a few Hello Kitty items to add to my collection from my parents for Easter :) I also got this bracelet. My mom had originally bought me one of these for Christmas. It was a bit different but said the same thing. The one from Christmas had two charms that hang down and form a heart, one said mother one said daughter. I wore that bracelet out. Both the charms had fallen off and it was turning copper color. So she replaced it for me, with a much more durable one :)
And the second best thing about Easter is the Easter Dinner !  My Favourite!

We are finally getting closer to my moving date! 10 more days, I can't wait! Our place right now isn't even close to being done packing but we had no room. Last night we moved out one of our roommates so we will use the empty room for boxes now. BUT you will never guess where our roommate got his new place! At the same townhouse we tried to get into months ago!!! Blew my mind, also not fair :( Moving him into the house that was supposed to be ours was quite a kick in the ass. I am still happy with the apartment we got but damn that house was nice. So the other day I was trying to thin out the amount of stuff I have, its impossible. I did manage to suck it up and throw out my years long collection of cosmo magazines.

Ok thats it for now. Hopefully I can stay on track !


Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

Hey, second day in a row I've been able to blog! Feels good to have so much free time. I went to bed at 930 last night - which is normal for me. But I slept until I was fully rested, and didn't have to wake to the sound of an alarm. Got to sleep for as long as I wanted with my furry friends in toe. Today I accomplished a lot of relaxing, groomed my two dogs, and went on a rock hunt with my parents. We went out into the back roads of our town to find some flat slate rocks for my parents future pond and rock garden. I love coming home because we always go out into the bush. Don't really get that down south. On our adventure we were following a road that followed a river. It was really pretty. Here are some pictures from our day.
This is the rock pile we were searching for. someone had told my dad it existed somewhere back there, and we found it! Pretty odd sight to just see all these perfect flats rocks all piled like this.
Here is a picture of the river from the sidelines.

This is a bridge that goes over the river. I took this picture to show the massive mountains in the background.
Took this picture looking into the water because the image made me really want to go swimming. It was freezing out so of course I didn't
This is the river from on the bridge. This part was very fast and choppy because it was shallow and had lots of rocks. further down the stream it gets calm and much deeper. Such a pretty thing to see.
And lastly, is a photo of mom waving at me! 

I just love the wilderness.  I can't wait for the summer, I really hope I can find time this summer to get some camping done, its been too long! I miss the smell of camp fire. 

Until next time (tomorrow) ! 


Thursday, 5 April 2012


Ah! I am so far behind. Things got really busy and I have not had any time to blog. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. I finally have four days off for Easter weekend. Thank god I booked in advance. I'm not even sure what to write about. I usually look at my photo album and see what ive taken photos of recently, but I don't have my computer and to be honest I dont think much has happened. now that I have this second job most of my time goes to work or sleep. My new job is great. I love it there! A while back I said I was going to write a blog about all the things I do each day but I realized that its way to hard to keep track now and most of it is repetative stuff so ill just tell you about cool cases that come along instead. This case actually happened at Wilson st. surprisingly. Pictures are a bit gross. The pride rescue women called me and said she a cat with a hole in his adbomen. Now when someone says that I think internal hole such as a hernia, or maybe just a laceration from a bite or something. I told her to bring him in. When he got here, the hole was much bigger then I suspected. About the size of ping pong ball, and deep down to the body wall. No idea what happened. Vet thought either old trauma that has since had the edges healed, or self inflicted trauma through licking. Some cats will lick at their bodies if they are painful inside the body. Other cats will actually lick excessively as an anxiety trait. We don't really know what his case was, we will find out if he ends up with another hole. The vet just went in and made sure there was no breakage into the body cavity. Then she flushed it, and cleaned it, made fresh cuts on the edges and sutured closed. sent him home with antibiotics and pain killers. Hopefully everything works out for this guy. So after I wrote that gaint explaination I realize I can't post the photo because I forgot my cord...well keep that story in mind ill post the photo when I return home!

As I have mentioned before, we chose our cat that we are adopting. This is a picture of Anthony with Ember AKA Aeries. This is supposed to be his cat because ive got mae, we will see how that goes.

Recently, I placed another Forever21 order :) YAY ill show you what I got this time. First is another summer dress. Navy with rust colored palm tree's.

Next is an aztec print dress. A very basic dress. fitting tank style. Looks great with my leather jacket.

This top,  I love. I had a hard time getting an image that showed how truly awesome it is. I wore it out to dinner tonight with my family and just loved it.

Last, is a bracelet. I've had it sitting on my wish list for so long, Im suprised it stayed available. I decided to finally buy it since its very Easter-esque. And well since its Easter, why not..

Hopefully since I've got a few days here ill be able to post about everything I do while im home visiting.