Thursday, 5 April 2012


Ah! I am so far behind. Things got really busy and I have not had any time to blog. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. I finally have four days off for Easter weekend. Thank god I booked in advance. I'm not even sure what to write about. I usually look at my photo album and see what ive taken photos of recently, but I don't have my computer and to be honest I dont think much has happened. now that I have this second job most of my time goes to work or sleep. My new job is great. I love it there! A while back I said I was going to write a blog about all the things I do each day but I realized that its way to hard to keep track now and most of it is repetative stuff so ill just tell you about cool cases that come along instead. This case actually happened at Wilson st. surprisingly. Pictures are a bit gross. The pride rescue women called me and said she a cat with a hole in his adbomen. Now when someone says that I think internal hole such as a hernia, or maybe just a laceration from a bite or something. I told her to bring him in. When he got here, the hole was much bigger then I suspected. About the size of ping pong ball, and deep down to the body wall. No idea what happened. Vet thought either old trauma that has since had the edges healed, or self inflicted trauma through licking. Some cats will lick at their bodies if they are painful inside the body. Other cats will actually lick excessively as an anxiety trait. We don't really know what his case was, we will find out if he ends up with another hole. The vet just went in and made sure there was no breakage into the body cavity. Then she flushed it, and cleaned it, made fresh cuts on the edges and sutured closed. sent him home with antibiotics and pain killers. Hopefully everything works out for this guy. So after I wrote that gaint explaination I realize I can't post the photo because I forgot my cord...well keep that story in mind ill post the photo when I return home!

As I have mentioned before, we chose our cat that we are adopting. This is a picture of Anthony with Ember AKA Aeries. This is supposed to be his cat because ive got mae, we will see how that goes.

Recently, I placed another Forever21 order :) YAY ill show you what I got this time. First is another summer dress. Navy with rust colored palm tree's.

Next is an aztec print dress. A very basic dress. fitting tank style. Looks great with my leather jacket.

This top,  I love. I had a hard time getting an image that showed how truly awesome it is. I wore it out to dinner tonight with my family and just loved it.

Last, is a bracelet. I've had it sitting on my wish list for so long, Im suprised it stayed available. I decided to finally buy it since its very Easter-esque. And well since its Easter, why not..

Hopefully since I've got a few days here ill be able to post about everything I do while im home visiting.


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  1. Your wardrobe reminds me so much of Jess on New Girl :)