Thursday, 26 April 2012

One More Day

Another post! I am trying hard to find time. The last 30 minutes of my shift at Downtown AH so I'm taking the time. 
A few interesting things have happened at emerge lately. Had my first case of parvo, everyone look out! It seems to be starting early this year. What a nightmare. Luckily, the little dog survived. Poor thing only weighs like 3 kg - just a baby maltese. He actually pulled through quite well in just 3 days which is top notch for parvo recovery. Thats the benefit of finding it early.  Last nights shift was so boring but we actually had two cases that were intersting, unfortunatly it wasnt in my department so I didn't get to do much but I made sure to get the details. The first was a foriegn body surgery. The vet went into the abdomen to retrieve whatever was stuck. Turned out to be hair elastics. A little pug decided it was a good idea to eat them , in turn he lost 22 inches of his intestines. Thank god us mammals have tons of inches of intestines. I was watching the ACA take a picture of the intestine we removed, I wish I had a camera handy as I would have loved to share it with you. Life lesson = dont let your pets eat weird things. The other interesting case was a walkin with a mass. I was reading their check in information and the receptionist had put "dog has mass that has ruptured,would like an estimate for removal." So before going into see the dog I made a rough estimate for a mass removal with 20 mins surgery time because usually a mass takes about that long to remove. Boy, was I mistaken. When I got into the exam room the size of the mass blew me away. I couldn't stop starring at it. It was an external hairless, ruptured bleeding/oozing mazz the size of a decent cantelope. Just the oddest looking thing I've ever seen. The estimate went from about 400$ to over $1200 in 5 seconds. That poor dog! It was in the most awkward place ever. What I want to know is why the owners didn't remove it sooner.
Haha, i think that picture is so cute. I love giving my cat cat nip. Its the only thing that really gets her running around (besides the lazer pointer). Its just too funny to watch her freak out. The best is the cat nip + lazer pointer combo. I highly suggest it.

Some super exciting news! I am moving tomorrow ! Woo hoo. The day finally came. I remember a couple months back thinking omg we have to wait until May this totally sucks. Well I made it! We have basically bought our whole house at ikea this past week. I am so excited to get everything moved in and set up. Plus then we can bring our cats home and see how they get along. Sadly, I work 12 hours shifts all weekend so Anthony will have to do most of the work. My next day off isnt until Wednesday so thats probably when most of the organizing will happen. I have a weird feeling that everything will just sit in boxes until then. We are still short on a few items but we plan to get those sometime next week. I am anxious to see what the place looks like after the renovations that were done. I will post pictures as soon as I have them.


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  1. Can't wait to see pics of your new home...lots of pics!!