Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thank God for Boarders

Today was a pretty relaxing day for the most part. I had a pretty full and busy morning but after lunch it got dead. I mean dead! At about 10 am my internet went out too. So I was pretty lost. I spent my afternoon making the May schedule and playing in the back with the two boarders.

Thank god for boarders because it was 21 outside today, such a beautiful day, and without them I would have had no excuse to go outside.  Me and Anthony were supposed to go furniture shopping tonight but our old roommate Rob showed up and wanted us to go out to dinner instead. So we are going tomorrow instead! Really hoping for a kitchen table! We are moving in 8 days and honestly, you wouldn't even know. Our house is still as messy as ever, and we are hardly even packed! I just don't feel like doing all the work myself and no one is ever home to help me when I'm here. I just wish one day I could come home from work and it all be magically done.  I am trying to keep myself busy right now, otherwise I would probably be sleeping already. So tired all the time. I guess cleaning and packing is just what I need right now. Anyways, just a short sweet one today.


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  1. Sorry babe...that's what you get when your roomies are guys...they expect the work to be magically done you!