Friday, 30 May 2014

Small Haul

Hello! I may have done a tiny little bit of online shopping recently. In 3 weeks we have an 80th surprise birthday party to go to on Anthony's side of the family so I had to buy myself a new dress of course. In the process of looking at many different places I couldn't help but find other items I absolutely needed to have! 

I tried out a new website recently called Now, there prices may seem steep but they almost always have a 50% off event, and shipping is free to Canada which I love. A lot of places have decent prices but they you have to tack on a $20+ shipping charge. So this made me happy. I bought this stuff during a 50% off event (happens like every 2 weeks I swear) and of course got free shipping. I was worried with free shipping that it would take FOREVER to get to me. The website warned 4-8 weeks. So I set myself up to believe I wouldn't be seeing this stuff for about a month. It came in 3 days! I was super pleased and now Tobi is a site I visit daily to look for new stuff, and will definitely be shopping there again. P.S. they add new stuff daily.

Two Part Floral Skirt: $45.00 $22.50
The first item I got was this skirt. I thought it was super cute for summer and spring because of the colour and pattern. I like the added zipper detail! In the second picture you can see that they designed this skirt with a bit of a longer back which is awesome ! You can still rock a short body con skirt and not show your butt off! Especially for people like me who have bigger butts and need some more coverage. That was an excellent style feature. I got this in a large and its a bit tight. Sort of disappointing because they don't carry anything bigger. I will have to be careful when ordering any more bottoms from them.  

Love Child Platform Sandals: $78.00 $39.00
And I got a pair of shoes, shocking! I have been wanting a pair of these style sandal heels for the spring/summer and could never find the perfect pair online. Always saw other people wearing them, or in the magazines but couldn't find my winners. Well, Tobi supplied! As soon as I saw them, I put them into the cart! They also come in a dark brown colour. I just friggen love these! So cute for wearing with summer dresses and skirts. I did find that they were very slippery on my hard wood floor though! I also guessed at my size because they size in 35-40 which is new to me. I went with 39 and it fits like a glove :) 

They also threw these fake eyelashes into my bag for free :) who doesn't love free stuff?! speaking of my bag, the photo at the top of the page shows the black Tobi tote bag that my order came in (inside of a box obviously) I think that is such a neat touch! 

If you are into online shopping you should totally check out this website, I highly recommend. They aren't currently having a 50% off sale, but when you sign up they will send you a 50% off coupon to your email to use on your first order!  Check it out 

And of course, it wouldn't be a haul by me without any Forever21. I just got one item and it was the dress for the party. I have had my eye on this one for a while. The red colour is just so vibrant. I didn't have any excuse to wear a short dress in the winter so I just put it into my wish list and I'm glad I did because the price was cut in half and now I have a use for it! 

Iconic Fit & Flare Dress: $23.80
It's a bit hard to tell but there is a little tiny triangle cut out just above the waist line. Such a tiny cute detail that really puts that little something extra into this dress. How pretty is that red?!  Can't wait to wear this, just need to figure out what sort of jewelry to wear with this, because a necklace is a no go. I was thinking wear my hair up and get some dangle statement earrings maybe? Also, what sort of shoes? Any opinions? Help greatly appreciated! 

I am hoping to do a much bigger haul soon, perhaps in June. My lists are getting big and I want some staple spring/summer pieces. I am thinking maybe my next "fun" pay check. Stay tuned :) 


Friday, 23 May 2014

Pretty Little Liars GC Shoot

Can we just talk about this Pretty Little Liar photo shoot for a minute? This is an unusual post for me but I stumbled across this PLL photoshoot for GQ magazine and died! 

If you don't watch Pretty Little Liars you totally should. The show is addicting, and sometimes confusing but its my guilty pleasure. The fashion in the show is amazing. I wish I was friends with these girls - other than the whole "murderer" and "A" thing...

What do you think? I think Shay Mitchell looks stunning and they need to portray her character better on the show.

Anyways, check out the whole thing for yourself, these girls are too gorgeous. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Here is another outfit of the day. This was my outfit for the May long weekend celebration. We didn't do anything too exciting. Just went out for dinner and drinks, then came home and watched the fireworks from our balcony - which has the best view btw.   Its crazy to think that the May long weekend used to be all about that first camping trip of the season. Its still cold here. I mean, its not winter or anything but last week it was still really cold overnight and the days were quite gloomy. Not really camping weather. 

Top: Garage
Jeans: Sirens
Necklace: Forever21
Booties: Urban Planet

The second part of this post is my FOTD, and no that is not "Face of the Day" its Food of the Day! We went to Kelsey's for dinner this night, as we usually do. We are such creatures of habit...but they have delicious food and the prices are unbeatable.  

                      3 Cheese and Spinach Dip                         Classic Balsamic Chicken Dinner 

Seriously, you can't go to Kelsey's and not get the spinach dip , it is to die for.  Me and Anthony got it as an appetizer and split it.  1/2 price apps after 9pm!  My meal was the Classic Balsamic Chicken Dinner with garlic mashed and roasted veggies. Of course I got a side of gravy. It was excellent, the balsamic creamy sauce that was on the chicken was sooo good.

Hope you all had an excellent May Long!


Friday, 16 May 2014


Recently, Anthony made a huge impulse purchase and got himself a sport motorcycle.  A week later he had his Uncle buying one and now they are inseparable with their bikes. I have been replaced *tear*, just kidding. I am not complaining. He is happy and can afford it, why not. Plus now I get to ride on it sometimes too! I just bought my helmet two weeks ago at a massive sale at Royal Distributing for only $50.

Anthony took me on an hour ride around the city and it was so fun. Don't think I've been on a motorcycle before, it was a blast. The temperature was so nice that day, and hardly any wind.  Probably could have gone all day but we went to the movies instead. I used muscles that I didn't know existed either, I was quite sore for a good 24 hours afterwards. Takes some getting used too but I can't wait for the next time he will take me out. 

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!


Ipsy May

Time for my monthly review of my ipsy glam bag subscription! I feel like I just did one of these because I am yet again slacking on publishing blog posts! What do you people want to see more of? I need some inspiration.

The theme for May was "fresh picks".

I really liked the bag this time. It is made of a canvas material and the pattern is nice. It definitely fits in with the theme.

1. Crown Brush - Chisel Shader 
Makeup brushes are always awesome to have, can't complain here.
2. Pacifica - Mineral Eyeshadow Duo
This duo came in two color options, purple & white and Brown & Beige. I was happy that I got the purple duo but overall I was disappointed by the product. The color pay off is terrible. I swatched on my finger and only got a clear shimmer returned. I tried to create an eye look with this duo and had to use at least 5 coats to make the color actually show - which is a huge pain. Probably won't go through the effort again, sadly.
3. Hey Honey - Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask
This item was not something i thought I would enjoy but for the hell of it I tried it out. It was really cool.  Felt like I was putting honey on my face which actually felt pretty good. Once it dries you just peel the mask off, that was pretty cool too. I didn't necessarily feel or see any results afterwards and it almost felt like it left a film on my face so I ended up cleaning my face afterwards. May or may not use again. 
4. Pur~lisse - Pur~moist Hydra Balance Moisturizer
Moisturizer is another one of those things that's always good to have around. I use moisturizer on a daily basis, so i know ill use this. I tried it out already, nothing mind blowing just a basic moisturizer that does its job.
5. Hang Ten - Classic Sport SPF50
I like the bright packaging for this sun screen. This will come in useful very soon since (hopefully) summer is right around the corner. Small sizes like this are nice for carrying around in the purse.

I wish I would have received more make up products and less skin products this month, especially since the eye shadow was a bust for me.

Want to receive your own bag each month? CLICK HERE


Fat Raccoon Bakery

Last week my mother and I visited a local bakery called the Fat Raccoon.
 The small shop was so cute inside - painted bright pink with little raccoon ornaments all over the shop. When we walked in they were making candy-cabobs so everything was so colorful. All your eyes can see is a bunch of candy and and counter full of sweets! I am such a suck for sweets so this was awesome. I also love going into local places like this to help support rather than going to the Tim Horton's. The owner was super nice and bubbly too! Check out the cute business card and pink take away bags. 

Since we are a very small community and local business is hard to come by the owner only bakes what she feels like doing that morning and supplies are limited. Meaning there is isn't always a massive selection and quantity so it's good to go early. My mom was also saying that she takes requests and will make that recipe as one of her sales for that day, which is really awesome and a good idea especially for a small community and privately owned shop. Anyways, we bought at least one of everything that she had left!

1 bag of fresh bread rolls
2 carrot cake muffins with cream cheese filling 
6 butter tarts
1 lemon square
1 coconut cupcake 

Everything was super good! The lemon square was so flavorful and moist I wished I had got more. And she did a great job with the cupcakes, she used a cream cheese icing and that's my soft spot. 
The next time I am in town visiting I will definitely be going back here to check out what else she's got.