Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Here is another outfit of the day. This was my outfit for the May long weekend celebration. We didn't do anything too exciting. Just went out for dinner and drinks, then came home and watched the fireworks from our balcony - which has the best view btw.   Its crazy to think that the May long weekend used to be all about that first camping trip of the season. Its still cold here. I mean, its not winter or anything but last week it was still really cold overnight and the days were quite gloomy. Not really camping weather. 

Top: Garage
Jeans: Sirens
Necklace: Forever21
Booties: Urban Planet

The second part of this post is my FOTD, and no that is not "Face of the Day" its Food of the Day! We went to Kelsey's for dinner this night, as we usually do. We are such creatures of habit...but they have delicious food and the prices are unbeatable.  

                      3 Cheese and Spinach Dip                         Classic Balsamic Chicken Dinner 

Seriously, you can't go to Kelsey's and not get the spinach dip , it is to die for.  Me and Anthony got it as an appetizer and split it.  1/2 price apps after 9pm!  My meal was the Classic Balsamic Chicken Dinner with garlic mashed and roasted veggies. Of course I got a side of gravy. It was excellent, the balsamic creamy sauce that was on the chicken was sooo good.

Hope you all had an excellent May Long!



  1. I really love the top and jeans...wish they had been around when I was your age!
    That spinach dips does look VERY good...what are the wedges it is served with?

    1. We can't figure it out, a very fluffy pita ? lol So good though.

  2. Well that sucks.. I had a comment written and hit publish and it disappeared.. anyway, I said my weekend was as exciting as yours and that I live my life through others' experiences.. So keep on having fun and sharing with us.
    Hugs from,
    Your Cyber Auntie,

  3. LOL that SHOULD have read.. my weekend WASN'T as exciting as yours...

    1. Haha ! I figured as much. Thanks Louise!

  4. Yuuumm you're making me hungry. We went to Moxie's and had the Mosaic Dip. Soooo good.