Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fashion I Can't Get Behind

Jogging Pants?
Grey: gojane

I didn't even know how to describe these. The first thing that came to mind was "Wangster pants" but figured that might be offensive and not completely accurate because of the leather. What is going on here?! A)not flattering B) Clashy C)Tacky D) unpractical for daily life E) Just plain ugly.  K, leather pants and jogging pants are not two items you mix. Just no.

Jelly Sandals 
heel: Boohoo
flats: Charlotte Russe

Apparently we are trying to bring back the fashion fads from when I was 8? Honestly don't remember what age I was when these were a hit but I do recall having a pink sparkly pair and that was a long time ago. Its not going to happen, stop trying to make it happen.  How could you look at an adult respectfully if they are rocking these sandals? Ya can't. 

Bell Bottom Pants
white: gojane
floral: gojane

I am sorry, this is not the 70's.  And the fact that they are both sheer to underlying shorts makes them that much worse! I honestly wonder how many of these they sell? I can't picture too many people walking down the street in these. MAYBE the floral pair if they weren't sheer. The first lace pair are just tacky in my opinion. 


Disclaimer: hopefully I haven't offended anyone. Just keep in mind that these are my personal opinions for my own style. Everyone has their own style and it's okay to be different :) 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring/Summer Scent Lineup

With spring somewhere around that long bending corner, I thought I would make a Spring related post!  My obsession with candles sparked last year when Anthony's mom bought me some fall scented cranberry candles for my birthday. Since then I have discovered Bath&Body Works (where have I been, right?) and now I can't stop buying candles! I burned through a whole bunch during the fall/winter, they have the best nostalgic scents that time of year. Anyways, this is about the upcoming seasons scents I have already chosen out for myself.  There are 7 that are my favorites right now,  that number would likely be higher if I spent an hour in BBW. So, ....

My Spring/Summer Scent Lineup
1. Watermelon Lemonade
2. Raspberry Peach Macaron
3. The Keys
4. Caribbean Escape
5. Gelato
6. Bellini Cafe
7. Tuscan Herbs

There are so many more scents that I want to try out and I am sure they will be releasing more in the coming months so I better get started burning through these ones ;)

What are your favorite spring/summer scents?


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ipsy March

I haven;t reviewed one of my Ipsy bags in a long time and I loved doing it this first time, so lets do the March Glam Bag! 

The theme this month was Destination Beauty. When I first pulled this bag out of the package my initial thoughts were that I didn't like it, but after having it around for a week or two the bright colours and the abstract design are really growing on me. 

So here is a quick pic of what came inside my bag. This month I got 4 products, 3 full size, 1 sample size. 

 Be a Bombshell Bora Bora Eyeshadow Quad - These colours are so bright and pigmented and all compliment each other really well. They are not average colours I would wear on a daily basis but would be fun to use and experiment. I have received a lot of Be A Bombshell products from Ipsy and love them. 

Nicole by OPI Roughles in "On What Grounds?" - This nail polish is like the sand collection from OPI. It dries matte and bumpy as if there was sand mixed into the polish. The colour is so gorgeous for spring, reminds me of robins egg blue.

bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie Lipstick in "Get Ready" -  This is a sample size lip stick even though its hard to tell in the picture. Its probably 3/4 - 1/2 size of a regular lipstick.  The colour is gorgeous, IMO its more of a summer shade but that's fine because its only a dew months away. The texture is perfect and it has a great scent. I can never figure out what the scent of things are or how to describe, but its a sweet scent, maybe something with vanilla. *fail* 

Pacifica Body Butter in "Indian Coconut Nectar" - This is the last item in the bag and its huge. This is probably the largest product I've received since starting my subscription months ago. I love it! It smells like summer. By that, I mean it smells like sunscreen and awesomeness. 

That is it for the March Glam Bag! Overall I am pleased and happy. I honestly have never not been pleased with what I get. If you want to start receiving great products at even better prices click the link below 


Hello Spring

At last it is finally Spring, but that doesn't mean its not still cold. We have been in a deep freeze of winter for a good 5 months !  Bring on the sunshine and pastels. Sadly, we first need to make it through the wet and stinky month of April. 

Anyways, with spring comes new beginnings and here I am writing in my blog for the first time 4-5 months...I told you I was a slacker.  So I created a new blog layout for some inspiration and hopefully we can get another good year outta me! 

To new beginnings - cheers! martini.gif

xoxo D ⚓