Saturday, 23 August 2014

Thank You Anonymous Reader!

So, way back in May I blogged about a local bakery back home in Elliot Lake called The Fat Raccoon.  Click here to read.  I went home again last weekend and of course me and my mother made a trip there. Sadly we went a bit late in the day and she was pretty much all sold out. However, the trip was not wasted. When we went in the store a posting on her bulletin board caught my attention. It was my blog post from May! 

The owner told me someone in town printed it and brought it in to her. How cool! I didn't think any one else really read this blog other than my family and close friends. So thank you anonymous reader :) you made my day!

So I ended up coming home with some loaded triple chocolate chip cookies. these cookies were awesome. We bought all that she had left. They were soft and so fat, and full of chips. Perfection!


OOTD: Feminine Maxi

This is another one that was supposed to go up two weeks ago.  On August 10th we had a surprise birthday BBQ for Anthony at this uncles, he thought it was for his grandmother. I actually picked up this dress the day before when we went shopping with his family. It was mixed upon a rack of random misfits. It just happened to be in my size and exactly what I was looking for. A flowy, bright maxi dress. I love the sheer detail at the bottom. Its fitted at the top and down the waist then pleated out, very feminine.  I paired it with a light grey coloured cotton blazer because it was in the evening.  Plus I finally got a lipstick colour I have been obsessed with but never brave enough to try. I call it my barbie pink! I love it, I am so happy I got it.

Maxi Dress: Forever21
Blazer: Armani Exchange
Lipstick: Candy Yum Yum by MAC


OOTD: Pop of Color

This post is about 2 weeks late, and you will probably recognize it from my haul post. On August 8th we went on a family dinner cruise with Anthony's family. The cruise travels the Grand River and they serve a 3 course meal.

Lime Waffle Blazer: Boohoo
Sunflower Crop Top: Gojane
Sunflower Midi Skirt: Gojane {sold out}

I love a pop colour against black & white,  I think it looks so cool. The fit of this blazer is to die for too. I just wore strappy sandals with this outfit, nothing fancy. Wearing sandals helped to play down the outfit. 

The standard dinner is roast beef but you can request a chicken dinner or pasta dinner. It was so delicious. Anthony was overly pleased because you could have as many servings as you wanted.  It was nice to have roast beef because that not something we ever make at home.  Dessert was strawberry short cake. They had a fiddle band playing music too, they were amazing at what they do. Wish I could remember what they were called. 

This is a picture of one of the cruise boats docked.