Monday, 21 April 2014


Happy Easter Again! I put together a little mini OOTD post for you because I haven't done anything like this in forever. I am going to try to do them more! So this is what I wore to Anthony's Uncles for Easter Dinner. I wore a pair of black knee high flat foot boots with this but didn't have them on in the photo, oops. And I wore my hair back for the first time in forever. This is usually not my go to style but when I was getting ready I just pulled my hair back in a messy bun and really liked it so I left it. Very low maintenance no effort look that still looks classy.

Sweater: Stitches? (very old)
Skirt: Dynamite
Socks: Ardene
Jacket: Urban Planet
Necklace: Forever21


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone 
I miss being a kid on Easter. All the anxiety on Saturday night, not being able to sleep in anticipation for the morning when the bunny makes a visit. When I am at the stores and I see all the Easter chocolates, candies and toys I want to buy them all! I want to make myself my own Easter basket. BUT chocolate is bad for you and it hurts my teeth way to much to even eat a chocolate bar these days so now I sort of associate chocolate with pain. I did buy myself a bag of mini eggs and some sour jolly rancher gummy candies because I can't not get something! The second best part about Easter was the dinner with family. And luckily I still get to have that. We were invited to Anthony's uncles this year since I have to work and won't be able to go home. Now I will also get a yummy home made feast :) What are your plans for the Easter long weekend? 


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ipsy April

Ipsy Glam Bag of April
Theme: Beauty Rocks!

 St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Anti-Aging Multi-Action Face
I have not tried this product out yet because honestly I am a little bit scared. I've never used a tanner on my face before and I don't want this to come out splotchy. I am sure its not THAT tinted so I just need to suck it up and give it a go. since its a dual use product I am assuming the tan part will be more subtle. 

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Apple Pink 
This is a much prettier color when you actually put it on, it comes out more orange which is great for the upcoming summer months. I also like that its more like a stain. It would be great for laying with lip gloss. I also love that face the lip contains a applicator brush because I hate using my finger in these type of products. 

 Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant Cream
I used this scrub the first day I got it. I loved the smell of it, its like a fresh lemon scent. So refreshing, especially for an exfoliater.  I also loved that the "grains" in this were very fine. It still had some great scrubbing action but it felt more gentle compared to my proactiv scrub which feels like I'm rubbing my face with gravel. 

 Elizabeth Mott Pop! Goes the Shadow in Champagne 
i like receiving eye shadows in Ipsy because I get to try to new brands and colors. I wish the color would have been a bit more adventurous but champagne is still a really pretty color that I know I will use up for sure. I have never heard of this brand before but I swatched it on my hand and its fairly pigmented and shimmery.

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet Travel Size 
This might be my best received product this month in my opinion. You can't go wrong with a black eyeliner. This one is super slick and very pigmented. It works great. Urban Decay is an amazing brand and I am so happy it came to Ipsy this month. I hope to see more of it!

I hate to say it but this month was a little sad for me compared to what other products were going around.  The value is always worth it and I still really like the products I got but there were some good things being shipped this month that I would have loved to receive in place of some of these. BUT what can you do, that's what the surprise is all about.

Again, if you are interested in joining Ipsy here is my referral link 


Friday, 11 April 2014

Mini Haul + Spring Cleaning

Its Spring and that means spring cleaning time, aka empty out my messy closet! I am very pleased the amount of stuff I let go. I usually have an issue with giving away my clothes. I always think "well I might wear this one day. Or it would look good with this" and then I put it back in the closet where it sits for another year. So I was much more harsh this time around! I got 4 fairly decent piles for giveaway and a big bag of stuff that's garbage.

When you empty this many clothes from your closet it leaves room for new stuff - the nest part! So now I give yo u a mini haul. Anthony's mom came down for a few days and we went shopping, of course.  I got a few things I thought I would show off.

Fresh Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment
Price: $26.00
We went to Sephora to pick up some stuff for Anthony's sister and I couldn't just NOT buy anything. My BF Amy reviewed this product on her blog recently and I needed to try it! I have tried the Fresh Sugar lip balm treatment before and I loved it. Now that they have made tinted ones I had to get it. Sometimes wearing straight lip stick doesn't always work out for me because my lips are so chapped. Having a lip treatment and lipstick combined into one makes my lips look healthy again and the colour pay off is amazing, just like a normal lipstick, not like a gloss.  P.S. these are a bit pricey for a lip product but I only wanted one to try so I splurged :) 

Forever 21 Bralette
Price: $5.80
I have been on the search for one of these for about a month.  Emily from Pretty Little Lairs wore one under a lower cut top and it looks so cool! I saw one at Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago but didn't have my pay check yet. If you've ever shopped there you know stuff goes out of stock super quick. Luckily I found a similar one at Forever21 this week.  That store is godsend. 

Floral Flouncy Shorts
Price: $10.00
I died when I saw these at Sirens. So freaking cute for spring and summer, light weight, and comfortable as well. I love the colours, pattern and style. They sit higher up on your waist and still cover my ass, which is a huge issue these days. The shorts they make just DO NOT cut it.  Its like wearing underwear! Finding a good pair of jean shorts this summer is probably going to be a challenge. 

Leopard Shorts
Price: $10.00
These are supposed to leopard shorts, not sure if they totally make the cut but that's what I'm calling them.  There is a fine line between PJ bottom and cute shorts here so I am hoping I do not cross it. I figure if I wear them with a pair of wedges I should be okay.  And obviously a top that doesn't look like a top you would wear to bed. I loved these before they are so comfortable!

Garage Lace Peplum Top
Price: $5.00
I actually found this top at Plato's closet, but it is Garage brand. I only paid $5.00 for it and its in perfect condition, I can image it being at least $20.00-30.00 brand new in store. I LOVE going to Plato's Closet. If you have the time and the patience to do some serious searching then its totally worth it. 

So that's it for my mini haul! Soon there will likely be a big ass Spring/Summer haul on the way because I am just itching to buy all the cute dresses and skirts that I have been seeing in window displays and online. It probably won't be until May though because I put a massive chunk of my pay this week onto my visa - damn bills.  


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hollister Haul

I went online shopping, yay! I also discovered that its very hard to take pictures of yourself modelling the clothes alone. So my pictures probably aren't the greatest.  I hardly ever shop at Hollister on my way but Anthony's mom ALWAYS shops for me there. My collection is getting bigger and I actually like everything she gets me. There cotton tops are super soft and the jeans are such good quality. I decided to check out there website but since they are so expensive I limited myself to only the clearance section and got some good deals. 

Original: $74.95 Sale: $29.98
The first item I got was this dress and its not quite so flattering on me as it was on the model, which is a bummer. The downfall of online shopping I suppose. The material holds the folds and wrinkles a lot so I'm going to need to iron it all the time. I hope I can make this work because it was still quite costly and was the piece i was most excited to get because it really looked amazing online.  There's a good chance I will exchange this at the local store if they will take it.  P.S. Ignore my face and crazy hair - today was day 7 of overnights. 

Original: $42.50 Sale: $12.75 

I love this sweater! And I love the sale price I got on it. Its so soft, and its a cropped sweater so I can wear year round. Can't decide if I will wear this with a tank underneath or not? Depends if I feel like I can pull off the cropped sweater look without looking hooker-ish.

Original: $36.95 Sale: $17.80

A simple pair of short-shorts for the summer.  I really like the khaki colour right now, hopefully I feel the same way once summer actually gets here. These fit and feel great, very happy with the sizing.  P.S. this is a very unflattering camera angle :(

Original: $64.95 Sale: $44.00

I honestly never thought I would wear a pair of these. They might as well be called mom jeans too. But they are comfy and NOT sweat pants. Plus the rolled up bottoms is cute for spring and summer and I think with the right shoes and top you can pull this off in a girly way.

Original: $64.50 Sale: $25.80

I am getting tired of everything being skinny jeans, so happy I found a pair of white flare jeans! They are also a little bit distressed as well. These fit good and are comfortable too. Hollister has good fit and feel thats for sure. 

That is all for now, i will probably do another haul in two weeks because I plan on buying more clothes with my next pay cheque, so stay tuned.