Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone 
I miss being a kid on Easter. All the anxiety on Saturday night, not being able to sleep in anticipation for the morning when the bunny makes a visit. When I am at the stores and I see all the Easter chocolates, candies and toys I want to buy them all! I want to make myself my own Easter basket. BUT chocolate is bad for you and it hurts my teeth way to much to even eat a chocolate bar these days so now I sort of associate chocolate with pain. I did buy myself a bag of mini eggs and some sour jolly rancher gummy candies because I can't not get something! The second best part about Easter was the dinner with family. And luckily I still get to have that. We were invited to Anthony's uncles this year since I have to work and won't be able to go home. Now I will also get a yummy home made feast :) What are your plans for the Easter long weekend? 



  1. Easter isn't the same without you! But we'll have some chocolate bunnies and a turkey "feast" anyway and to show what loving parents we are, we'll endanger our own health and eat some for you too, lol!! Love you babe <3

  2. Spending Easter alone but that doesn't mean I don't get ham... I only love ham at Easter and I almost didn't buy one but broke down yesterday and got a small one. Happy Easter to you and Anthony! and the Kritters too..