Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hollister Haul

I went online shopping, yay! I also discovered that its very hard to take pictures of yourself modelling the clothes alone. So my pictures probably aren't the greatest.  I hardly ever shop at Hollister on my way but Anthony's mom ALWAYS shops for me there. My collection is getting bigger and I actually like everything she gets me. There cotton tops are super soft and the jeans are such good quality. I decided to check out there website but since they are so expensive I limited myself to only the clearance section and got some good deals. 

Original: $74.95 Sale: $29.98
The first item I got was this dress and its not quite so flattering on me as it was on the model, which is a bummer. The downfall of online shopping I suppose. The material holds the folds and wrinkles a lot so I'm going to need to iron it all the time. I hope I can make this work because it was still quite costly and was the piece i was most excited to get because it really looked amazing online.  There's a good chance I will exchange this at the local store if they will take it.  P.S. Ignore my face and crazy hair - today was day 7 of overnights. 

Original: $42.50 Sale: $12.75 

I love this sweater! And I love the sale price I got on it. Its so soft, and its a cropped sweater so I can wear year round. Can't decide if I will wear this with a tank underneath or not? Depends if I feel like I can pull off the cropped sweater look without looking hooker-ish.

Original: $36.95 Sale: $17.80

A simple pair of short-shorts for the summer.  I really like the khaki colour right now, hopefully I feel the same way once summer actually gets here. These fit and feel great, very happy with the sizing.  P.S. this is a very unflattering camera angle :(

Original: $64.95 Sale: $44.00

I honestly never thought I would wear a pair of these. They might as well be called mom jeans too. But they are comfy and NOT sweat pants. Plus the rolled up bottoms is cute for spring and summer and I think with the right shoes and top you can pull this off in a girly way.

Original: $64.50 Sale: $25.80

I am getting tired of everything being skinny jeans, so happy I found a pair of white flare jeans! They are also a little bit distressed as well. These fit good and are comfortable too. Hollister has good fit and feel thats for sure. 

That is all for now, i will probably do another haul in two weeks because I plan on buying more clothes with my next pay cheque, so stay tuned.



  1. I love that dress on you ... give it another chance before returning it :)

  2. Love all the clothing you got and such great prices. I love that cropped sweater.

  3. I love boyfriend jeans. I don't own any but I want. I also want your body so I can wear cropped things. That sweater is so cute!

  4. Super....that's my girl,looks great Hon!