Friday, 30 May 2014

Small Haul

Hello! I may have done a tiny little bit of online shopping recently. In 3 weeks we have an 80th surprise birthday party to go to on Anthony's side of the family so I had to buy myself a new dress of course. In the process of looking at many different places I couldn't help but find other items I absolutely needed to have! 

I tried out a new website recently called Now, there prices may seem steep but they almost always have a 50% off event, and shipping is free to Canada which I love. A lot of places have decent prices but they you have to tack on a $20+ shipping charge. So this made me happy. I bought this stuff during a 50% off event (happens like every 2 weeks I swear) and of course got free shipping. I was worried with free shipping that it would take FOREVER to get to me. The website warned 4-8 weeks. So I set myself up to believe I wouldn't be seeing this stuff for about a month. It came in 3 days! I was super pleased and now Tobi is a site I visit daily to look for new stuff, and will definitely be shopping there again. P.S. they add new stuff daily.

Two Part Floral Skirt: $45.00 $22.50
The first item I got was this skirt. I thought it was super cute for summer and spring because of the colour and pattern. I like the added zipper detail! In the second picture you can see that they designed this skirt with a bit of a longer back which is awesome ! You can still rock a short body con skirt and not show your butt off! Especially for people like me who have bigger butts and need some more coverage. That was an excellent style feature. I got this in a large and its a bit tight. Sort of disappointing because they don't carry anything bigger. I will have to be careful when ordering any more bottoms from them.  

Love Child Platform Sandals: $78.00 $39.00
And I got a pair of shoes, shocking! I have been wanting a pair of these style sandal heels for the spring/summer and could never find the perfect pair online. Always saw other people wearing them, or in the magazines but couldn't find my winners. Well, Tobi supplied! As soon as I saw them, I put them into the cart! They also come in a dark brown colour. I just friggen love these! So cute for wearing with summer dresses and skirts. I did find that they were very slippery on my hard wood floor though! I also guessed at my size because they size in 35-40 which is new to me. I went with 39 and it fits like a glove :) 

They also threw these fake eyelashes into my bag for free :) who doesn't love free stuff?! speaking of my bag, the photo at the top of the page shows the black Tobi tote bag that my order came in (inside of a box obviously) I think that is such a neat touch! 

If you are into online shopping you should totally check out this website, I highly recommend. They aren't currently having a 50% off sale, but when you sign up they will send you a 50% off coupon to your email to use on your first order!  Check it out 

And of course, it wouldn't be a haul by me without any Forever21. I just got one item and it was the dress for the party. I have had my eye on this one for a while. The red colour is just so vibrant. I didn't have any excuse to wear a short dress in the winter so I just put it into my wish list and I'm glad I did because the price was cut in half and now I have a use for it! 

Iconic Fit & Flare Dress: $23.80
It's a bit hard to tell but there is a little tiny triangle cut out just above the waist line. Such a tiny cute detail that really puts that little something extra into this dress. How pretty is that red?!  Can't wait to wear this, just need to figure out what sort of jewelry to wear with this, because a necklace is a no go. I was thinking wear my hair up and get some dangle statement earrings maybe? Also, what sort of shoes? Any opinions? Help greatly appreciated! 

I am hoping to do a much bigger haul soon, perhaps in June. My lists are getting big and I want some staple spring/summer pieces. I am thinking maybe my next "fun" pay check. Stay tuned :) 



  1. Yay eye lashes!! Make any occasion 1000x better

  2. I love the red dress!! Why not wear your new sandals with it?

    1. Not sure why I didn't come to that conclusion - I need sleep !

  3. your smile and your eyes are so gorgeous you don' t NEED accessories with this dress..

  4. That dress is sooo pretty! I've been eyeing up Tobi for a bit but haven't committed to buying yet. Good to know that their sizing might be a bit small, I'll have to keep that in mine. You should list prices. I'm interested in how much everything cost.

    1. Damn, I knew I was forgetting something. I usually write my prices, I am going to edit those in now :P