Friday, 16 May 2014

Fat Raccoon Bakery

Last week my mother and I visited a local bakery called the Fat Raccoon.
 The small shop was so cute inside - painted bright pink with little raccoon ornaments all over the shop. When we walked in they were making candy-cabobs so everything was so colorful. All your eyes can see is a bunch of candy and and counter full of sweets! I am such a suck for sweets so this was awesome. I also love going into local places like this to help support rather than going to the Tim Horton's. The owner was super nice and bubbly too! Check out the cute business card and pink take away bags. 

Since we are a very small community and local business is hard to come by the owner only bakes what she feels like doing that morning and supplies are limited. Meaning there is isn't always a massive selection and quantity so it's good to go early. My mom was also saying that she takes requests and will make that recipe as one of her sales for that day, which is really awesome and a good idea especially for a small community and privately owned shop. Anyways, we bought at least one of everything that she had left!

1 bag of fresh bread rolls
2 carrot cake muffins with cream cheese filling 
6 butter tarts
1 lemon square
1 coconut cupcake 

Everything was super good! The lemon square was so flavorful and moist I wished I had got more. And she did a great job with the cupcakes, she used a cream cheese icing and that's my soft spot. 
The next time I am in town visiting I will definitely be going back here to check out what else she's got.



  1. Can't wait to go back with you!! LOL...of course, I'll be going back before that with Dad...he's on night shift next week so we'll be able to cheat a lot on our healthy lifestyle! Hey... you should ask Sloan if you can take a pic of her for your blog :)

    1. you gotta tell me what she has when you go!

  2. This is so neat. I miss small town things. You would never find a bakery like this in Windsor. Sad.

    1. I know, I wish I could find something like this here. However, we do have a bunch of cute cupcake shops which work just as well lol