Friday, 16 May 2014


Recently, Anthony made a huge impulse purchase and got himself a sport motorcycle.  A week later he had his Uncle buying one and now they are inseparable with their bikes. I have been replaced *tear*, just kidding. I am not complaining. He is happy and can afford it, why not. Plus now I get to ride on it sometimes too! I just bought my helmet two weeks ago at a massive sale at Royal Distributing for only $50.

Anthony took me on an hour ride around the city and it was so fun. Don't think I've been on a motorcycle before, it was a blast. The temperature was so nice that day, and hardly any wind.  Probably could have gone all day but we went to the movies instead. I used muscles that I didn't know existed either, I was quite sore for a good 24 hours afterwards. Takes some getting used too but I can't wait for the next time he will take me out. 

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!



  1. Enjoy the weekend!'ll have better (warmer) weather than we will!

  2. You look so hot on a bike!