Friday, 16 May 2014


Recently, Anthony made a huge impulse purchase and got himself a sport motorcycle.  A week later he had his Uncle buying one and now they are inseparable with their bikes. I have been replaced *tear*, just kidding. I am not complaining. He is happy and can afford it, why not. Plus now I get to ride on it sometimes too! I just bought my helmet two weeks ago at a massive sale at Royal Distributing for only $50.

Anthony took me on an hour ride around the city and it was so fun. Don't think I've been on a motorcycle before, it was a blast. The temperature was so nice that day, and hardly any wind.  Probably could have gone all day but we went to the movies instead. I used muscles that I didn't know existed either, I was quite sore for a good 24 hours afterwards. Takes some getting used too but I can't wait for the next time he will take me out. 

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!



  1. Enjoy the weekend!'ll have better (warmer) weather than we will!