Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shift 1

So my first shift at NTVH was pretty good. A little bit overwhelming that's for sure. The head technician told me that's expected, shes been there since September and still feels overwhelmed sometimes. So my day was pretty steady.

-Canine vaccine appointment
-Canine nail trim
-Puppy exam
-Dental exam
-Hit by car - no major injuries
-Husky with a sore hind end - didn't hear what the problem was.
-Canine with blood filled abdomen. Was in for cystocentesis, draw back revealed blood only. Scheduled an ultrasound.
-Canine vaccine appointment
-In ICU we had a cat whose sister died after anesthetic recovery, so we were just monitoring her.
-A cat with diabetic ketone acidosis

So thats what my 8 hour shift consisted of. Im really liking it there - mind you I just had one shift. But i am there again Sat and Sun for12 hours each. Pretty excited!

Also, when I got home from work last night I had an email from another emergency clinic that wants to interview me for either part time or full time. Opportunity to escape from boredom clinic?? Perhaps....

 Me and Anthony may have found the cat we will adopt. Her name is Ember - we will probably rename her when we get her. She is from the PRIDE rescue in Hamilton.A dilute calico, that is super friendly.

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