Saturday, 3 March 2012


Today, we made a trip to Canadian Tire to get a quote on my brake change. We stopped at housewares on the way through and picked up a set of salt and pepper shakers. We decided to go to homesense to check out other housewares. I am in love with this store! I've never been before, but now I need to go more. They have so much neat stuff in there. And theres just so much going on you really need to look around and pay attention. Prices aren't too bad either. First item that caught my eye was for my dad. A set of copper-esque pots.

The next item is for my parents as well. This shelf/cabinet set really caught my eye. Looks like something that belongs right in our dining room or kitchen.

I only took two photos of items we wanted to get. They are the ones I want to remember the most. The bad thing about this store is that I'm pretty sure that what you see if what you get. Meaning they only have one or two of each item at a time. So we need to go back soon to get these items before someone else snags them from us. The first is a piece of wall art I want to get for the bathroom.

Next is a lamp Anthony spotted that I just love! Would look great next to our new black leather couch, and will fit in just great with our anticipated living room theme.

I was surprised he liked it as much as I did seeing as its crystal-esque. I really hope they have some of these left when we return in a months time.

Dinner tonight was another weight loss failure. It just isn't in the cards for us. We went to a little shop called Smoke's Poutinerie. SO GOOD. They have a website if your interested. The owners of this place had a genious idea. So basically they just make all sorts of poutine. Anthony got one called the Country Style Poutine. Chicken, bacon, mushrooms and caramalized onions - of course fries, cheese and gravy too.

I got one called the Chili Poutine, its pretty self-explainatory. Chili and poutine! SO GOOD. Next time I will be trying the bacon cheeseburger one.

This store is so cool. Its in the greatest location and the hours are just insane. They are located right in the center of the club life stripe, so they stay open super late so all the people leaving the clubs at 2am can come get a snack. The inside of the store is well designed, and very clean. The picture I took aren't the best - I used my phone, and the lighting is very dim in there. But I took a picture of the menu - try to read if you want. And a bit of the design of the inside of the building. Oh, I also got a cream soda with my meal. I miss cream soda.

One the plus side, I did a pretty intense cardio work out today so hopefully that will counteract my terrible choice in dinner.



  1. You are right, we'd love to have those cabinets! LOL...I'd also love a cheeseburger poutine :)

  2. Hey Hon,love that shop.Those copper pots were much $. Glad youre going to the gym eating that stuff,two years time you,ll weigh 200 lbs. and be diabetic if you dont.