Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Honourable Mentions

Me and Anthony are on the hunt to adopt a new cat to be friends with Mae when we move in May. We are only doing shelter searches, no kijiji. We want to rescue a kitty. After looking at so many possible candidates its hard to choose. I'm going to show you a few of the ones that really got me.

The first guy is Lexington. First, I love his name. Black and white cats aka tuxedo cats, have grown on me since working here. They have such great personalities. He is from the HBSPCA. 
The next one is Snowflake. I love short hair all white cats. They are pretty rare. She is also from the HBSPCA
The final one I wanted to share is so different. I've never seen a face quite like this. When I first laid eyes on her I thought for sure it was a boy - a tomcat to be exact because of the huge cheeks and really defined face. Usually males that have been exposed to testosterone for a long time will develop that look. That's where the tom cat name comes from. But after reading her bio I found out it is indeed a girl. Interesting.
I think we are leaning towards finding the perfect calico. Anthony has his mind set on one, and I'm all for it because they are usually very sweet and full of love. Not to mention their coats are so pretty. hopefully Mae West is a ready for a partner in crime.



  1. LOL...Mae West does not need any help getting into trouble!

  2. My niece has an all white cat that is deaf... I guess it is very lovable.. I adore calico cats and it is true that they are full of love. I wish I still had mine but she got outside on me when I was on the farm and I think a fox got her...