Saturday, 17 March 2012

St Patties

Happy St. Patricks Day!! Not a whole lot going on these days. Treated myself to a few new items recently from my favourite store Forever21. My new obsession this season is cute dresses. The first is a one sleeve feather dress by Rory Beca.
Next is another dress with colorful spring and summer colors. The material is so nice and flowy. Such a comfortable dress.
And I got a top too. More of a winter or fall pattern, but since its become popular I've been trying to get my hands on a good piece. 
Also bought two accessories. I usually don't accessorize the best - or at all. So Im going to try this season. First is a pair of neon green earrings. Usually I just wear my "sleeper" rings 24/7 because they are cute and simple and I don't even notice they are there. Time for a change up. 
Last is a chunky bracelet that I just love. Not sure what I will pair it with but I just had to get it. Yes - that is an elephant. 
I also bought a houndstooth bikini top but its not pictured. Still need to find some matching bottoms.

I started Turbofire today. Did the very first work out called Fire 30 + stretch 10. It was pretty intense. I am super uncoordinated. Hopefully over time I can get the moves perfected and I won't look so lost. I am worried about the nutrition aspect of this work out. I suck at eating healthy. Me and my boyfriend are huge fatty food enthusiasts. Plus I hate grocery shopping and with work everyday I find it hard to pack lunches and snacks that are quick to make and easy to transport but still be healthy! So hard :(  If the food fails at lease I've got exercise in the mix so I don't gain 10000 lbs. 


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  1. Love the dresses! Is that an Aztec print top? I used to have a similar one in purple,black & white.
    Don't forget what I told you...use myfitnesspal to help plan your meals...add food items to see how many calories they will be...then delete them and add something else if they are too high.