Saturday, 10 March 2012


So today I had a working interview at 24 hour emergency animal hospital. It was awesome. I only worked for 4.5 hours and did more then I would probably do in two days at my normal job. I won't find out if I got the job until next Wednesday. I am not quitting my job im just picking up a second one for more hours and experience. So Im going to blog about what I did today.

1. Routine canine nail trim.
2. overly aggressive feline blood draw
3. Agressive dog nail trim
4. routine puppy nail trim
5. Canine heartworm bloodraw and booster
6. Canine blood draw, cerenia injection and cystocentesis guided by ultrasound (SO COOL!)
7. Canine rear end shave down with rectal temp and suture removal.
8. Canine blood draw for T4 panel.

1. Canine with suspect megaesophagus
2. Feline with major smoke inhalation from house fire
3. V/D cat that has not ate in days.

So much to do! I loved it. Fingers crossed, and if I get it I will post each time I work there saying what we did :) I leave you with this picture of mae that my mom took. She is always sitting right in the middle of everyone elses stuff !



  1. Now,that's what I call a busy day,sounds like a good're day probably blew past.

  2. Fingers crossed that you get the job xx