Friday, 9 March 2012


Hey, I stumbled across this blog today at work that I admire. I have been reading fashion blogs all day and decided to switch over to sometihng actually related to my work. So I found this blog called whatikilledtoday. A blog solely devoted to the lifes of animals this vet tech has taken. I love this idea. If I worked at a busier practice I would do something like this as well. 

Work is so boring these days with this construction screwing everything up. First it was my phone lines so no one could call. Now people can't even get in so the appointments I do manage to book get cancelled! So frustrating. Heres an updated picture of whats going on. They have moved the barrier to the very end of my driveway. You should actually see it now. At this point when the picture was taken it was right at 8 am, and the digging and nonsense was happening behind the big truck. Now its moved over to right in front of my driveway. Not even sure how im going to leave in 20 minutes. Oh and it snowed today :(

On the bright side, at least Cosmo (our clinic cat) is ready for his examination :)



  1. Good luck getting out of there tonight!
    BTW...Cosmo's diet must be working, he looks thinner :)

  2. He is thinner! Glad you noticed, hes down a whole kg :)

  3. Have to be patient with construction,they figure they run the universe because they're contracted by the city.Have to wait till they,re done.