Wednesday, 7 March 2012

14TH Floor

Last night Anthony made us dinner. He made pad thai with chicken and vanilla peanuts. It was so good. My obsession with Pad Thai came from my summer job. I work with a catering company that does mainly weddings. I am a cater waiter. My boss made this amazing pad thai for one of the events and it was the first time I had ever had it. It was so good! He made his with lots of peanut butter. Anthony doesn't use peanut he found a different recipe. But they are both just as good, but they have different slightly different tastes.
So this morning Anthony and I had an apartment viewing. It was for a large one bedroom with a walk in closet. After the viewing they told us it was already sold! Why bother showing it, right?! Sucks because I fell in love with the closet
I've never had a walk in closet before, never really thought it would be an option for me. Plus its every girls dream! Oh well. Next we looked at a two bedroom on the top floor (14th.) It didn't have a walk in closet but its huge and the balcony makes up for it. So we applied. We will hear tomorrow. Fingers crossed !
The doorway behind the two guys is the entrance to the second half of the balcony. Just outrageous! 


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  1. know that's really the 13th floor...hope you aren't superstitious!