Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Fuuny thing, last night at work I was thinking we would either have chicken for supper or Anthony would tell me he wanted to go. At 6 Anthony and Dylan came and picked me and annouced that we were going out to eat to watch the hockey game. Weird how that happened. Anyways, we ended up going to Kelseys. I'm not really one for sports but I always enjoy the beer and wings that come along. So below is a picture of our combined meals. We all just pitched and got some appitizers. 

So we got fully loaded nachos, lemon spice calamari with sweet and spicy thai sauce, and some jack daniels BBQ wings. I was never really one for sea food, but about a month ago anthony got garlic shrimp and calamari at a restaurant and made me try it. Now I love calamari, as long as they are the small pieces. The tentacles creep me out, but I dont eat those pieces. The wings are Kelseys are just great, they have the best batter. Not to mention the sauce is so good. Of couse the boy got a pitcher of beer to split, so I decided to get myself a strawberry darquri.
We left in the second period of the game so I have no idea who won. Didn't look good for Toronto when we left though!



  1. LOL...that must have been some daiquiri you had because you've still got impaired typing!

  2. No wonder you guys go to the gym....after a meal like that you'll have to be pushed around in buggy! Looks real good.