Friday, 17 February 2012

Pizza & Polish

A couple of nights ago we made homemade pizza for dinner. Anthony, myself and one of our roommates Dylan all made our own unique pizzas. Anthony even made the dough from scratch - what a mess! I made mine to mimic my favourite pizza of all time. I used to eat it almost every week at my job at Toppers from when I was in highschool. Now that we live out here we never get Toppers anymore so its been a while since I've had it.
It basically looks like 90% cheese. In reality its much more. Its made after the "Chicken Ceasar" pizza. The sauce is a combination of traditional pizza sauce and ceasar sauce mixed together. Next comes chicken bites that are tossed in the ceasar dressing. Then you add some mushroom and bacon bites, then load on the cheese. After I cook it I sprinkle on some parmasean cheese. And Perfecto !

On another note, I have a new found nail polish obsession. During college years we weren't allowed to wear any nail polish as it was unsanitary for surgery. My teachers all told us that we wouldn't be allowed to wear it practice either so we might as well get used to it. That includes fake nails too. Well during my last placement the head tech had huge fake nails, different ones every time I saw her. Then after getting my job I noticed that a few vets even had fake nails, and other techs and receptionist had theirs nails painted too. So I gave up on clean nails and now I just want to build my nail polish collection. I bought a new one today. I had originally wanted to get it for Valentines Day but couldn't find it before then. I went out today and found one bottle !

After I paid for it I noticed it was from the Justin Bieber collection. Its called "Step to the Beat of my ♥ " And if your familiar with him you will know those are lyrics to one of his songs. It seems a bit odd to me that he has a nail polish line, but I can't complain because I already own two of his colors that I LOVE.



  1. As I started reading, I knew it would be the Chicken Caesar pizza, lol.

    What is the other Bieber colour that you have? Love the hearts in this new one...anything in the other one?

  2. Its a bright purple called "I'm a belieber"

  3. Hmmm,Justin Beiber.....The pizza sounds good.