Friday, 17 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Im a little bit late on the posting for Valentines Day, but I have been pretty busy. Me and Anthony went out to dinner on Valentines day - just a little date, no gifts involved because we are trying to save money for our new place. We went to a restaurant called Turtle Jacks. It was delicious and cheap :) Anthony got a steak sandwhich with loaded fries, and I got a big wing honey garlic sandwhich with a salad. After dinner we came home and watched movie ( I fell asleep on the couch). Lots of food makes me tired. This is what I wore. I used my computer webcam, the flash settings are default, a bit difficult to see clearly.

White button-up blouse tucked into black dress pants. Nude mary jane pumps, and a pearl chain combo necklace. A giant heart ring for occasion.


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  1. What!...No pics of the delicious food?