Monday, 27 February 2012

New Couch

In April me and Anthony are moving out of our shared student house to our own apartment.Only 32 days left, so excited. Today was a great day because we finally landed an awesome couch. I have been searching for weeks for a nice black leather couch preferably on the square side. Needed to be pretty cheap too like under 300. Last night we found it. Paid $200 for this one. and its perfect. Its black, its leather, its modern, its sleek and its comfortable!
We even checked it out to make sure we could both fit laying down for optimal cuddle time with movies. We moved it into the shared living room for now and it was super light. Great for moving into an apartment. Now we just need to make sure nothing happens it to between now and April. I'm so happy we got the couch already, its like the one main thing we really needed. Now we are trying to figure out what to do with our dining room space. We don't really need a big table and chances are we wont even sit at it, so we thought about maybe buying a mini bar or something. Either that or a high table with high chairs, for about 3 people.

Last night after we got the couch, I made some dinner. Usually I'm not the one who cooks.  I made this for myself, Anthony ans a roommate dylan. Its a chicken Alfredo pasta with vegetables. Broccoli, carrots and peas. Its been so long since I had peas! This meal was sooo good, I could eat this all the time. And super quick too, took about 20 minutes because I had to defrost everything but if you start from fresh, it only takes about 11 minutes to make.



  1. Love the arms on your new's like having end tables for your drinks etc. :)

  2. Who owns the nice black couch eh?

  3. The pasta looks good too Babe!