Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beach Blvd

Yesterday was full of pictures. Anthony took me out to lunch at one of our favourite places in Burlington called Emma's Back Porch. It is very cottage style, good traditional food. Its about a 25 minute drive for us down the highway. It sits right on the shore of lake ontario. No matter what window you look out of all you can see is water. Its quite beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't have my good camera in the restaurant with me so the photos that follow are from my cell phone so they will be bad quality.

The sign on the outside of the building

My meal. Sloan BLT. Which is like a BLT but with a chicken breast, some cheese and mayo.

Anthonys meal. Can't remember what its called now , but some sort of burger that comes with onion rings inside.

An example of the view. This photo doesn't do it justice !

After dinner we went driving through the main street of Burlington looking at all the cute boutique shops along the way. Snapped a few pictures and headed back to Hamilton. We drove home through town instead of taking the linc highway. Saw some great looking houses so took some photos to share. Luckily I had my good camera this time.

The two pictures below are some houses that don't belong up north. They look like they belong on the beach. Funny enough, we were on beach blvd. Right across the road is the harbour, but there's no beaches and the water isn't very safe. Its more of an industrial harbour for the steel plant. Neat how they still played up the beach house designs though.

Next house is just insane. The colors were so bright and interesting. The bright orange brick with bright yellow trim and door. And those barn-esque doors with the wreaths is actually the garage door. So cool! Not to mention the sheer size of the place. If I had to live downtown, this would be the house.


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  1. I love all the old victorian style houses in the old part of the city...saw lots of them on kijiji rentals...and the interiors are just as unique as the exteriors.