Sunday, 19 February 2012


This past weekend was the OAVT Conference. (Ontario Association for Veterinary Technicians) Its basically a day of learning.  To keep my registered status I need to obtain 20 CE credits which I get from going to conferences. These conferences are just back to back lectures on various topics relating to the field. Plus lots of free food and merchandise. There better be free stuff, these things cost a fortune! I went to a bunch of lectures. My favourite of the day was probably Canine Compulsive Disorders. I actually like going to these things, its like light weight learning. Anyways, It was in Toronto at the Doubletree by Hilton. Hugest hotel I've ever been in.

That picture is just the hotel room part, to the right is a connected building at ground level that has about 20 conference rooms. The real challenge was finding out where I was supposed to be. On the plus side, I got a bunch of free things. And awesome meals were provided. I wish I could tell you what they are but I didnt really know what I was eating, I just know that it was great. No pictures of the meals though sadly :( But they had this amazing cheesecake, and unlimited CANNED pop...I hate softdrink pop. Heres a picture of me with some free things

Free Tshirt from Hills promoting their new Thyroid food YD. Of course I got to the tshirt booth late and they only had XL left but hey, nightgown! I also got a free textbook from Hills. A quick consult guide. LOVE free textbooks because they are expensive and full of knowledge. In my other hand im holding tons of little freebees. Got about 10 pens from different sponsors. Some Benny Bullys dog treats for the pups, A "lickastick" lollipop style treat for dogs - kind of disgusting. And a bone that holds poopscoop bags - love this one because you attach it to the dogs leash, so handy. Also, not pictured here is two tote bags that I plan to use for grocerys and a very mini ketchup bottle curtesy of my friend Tori's hotel room. I took one picture at the tadefair because it blew me away. Its this cat litter that doesn't absorb urine. I mean, we use this stuff called nosorb at work and its like little beads, but cats don't really like it. They can tell its not litter. So some genius discovered how to make litter not absorb urine so we vet people can steal it away. Its called kit4kat.

Look at that, the water is just sitting on top like no big deal. I even vigorously mixed it and it always comes back. TOO COOL. Ill have to order some of this when I go back to work. All in all it was a pretty fun weekend !


  1. We have one of the "bones" for Sadie :)

  2. Going to get Mae West some of that miracle litter?

  3. Nah, we just like to use it when trying to collect a urine sample. Otherwise, I want her urine to get sucked up so it doesn't stink up the place lol

  4. Sounds like you had a good time,seminars are great at keeping you up to date...had lots of them when I was into heavy equipment maintenance. Good for you Hon,keep at it.