Monday, 20 February 2012


So yesterday we did a mass house cleaning incuding the fridge and freezer. We came across a deer roast that Anthony's mother gave us a long time ago, so we decided to make a roast. I was a little skeptical at first because we only have a slow cooker and have never tried this before. It ended up being amazing. Tasted just like the homemade roasts my mom makes.  We even made a homemade gravy !

Also while cleaning we got together all our empties. Made $19 off them, pretty good I would say considering I probably only contributed $10 to the entire pile. Most of these are from Anthony or our company. He let me keep the money because I spent $100 on decor for our new bathroom.

After dinner Anthony took me on a ride and told me while driving I had to make a split second decision: Left or Right. I chose left. Turns out my decision was the moderator of our dessert for that night. We ended up buying a mini shadow cake. The other option would have been DQ. Was very satisfied with my choice.


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  1. Next time you come home, you can cook supper for us :)